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 Lugares de cuento

El primer paso para construir una red fuerte es saber dónde están sus potenciales miembros. Por eso, lo primero que ha producido la red ENSST es el mapa Lugares de Cuento, que presenta un panorama de lugares europeos relacionados con la narración oral. 

Si eres un Lugar de Cuento y no te ves representado en el mapa, ponte en contacto con ENSST




Name Country About
?owcy S?ów Poland A group of storytellers active since 2010. They tell stories in kindergartens, libraries, community centers, cafes and theaters
60 décibels France Company of the storyteller Anne Boutin pied.
A crops bouillon France The Compagnie A corps bouillon, promotes orality through Cécile Bergame's shows.
Amoon Thérésa France Website of the storyteller Theresa Amoon.
APACC France The Professional Association of Storytelling Artists works for the structuring and institutionalisation of storytelling as an artistic discipline. It is the recognised interlocutor with institutions and structures for professional storytellers.
Asociación Canaria de Narración Oral. Tagoral Spain Canary association with the aim of dignifying and making visible the work of oral storytellers.
Asociación Cultural de la oralidad en Álava Spain This association was created four years ago but it has been developing over time around reflections on the trade of oral storytelling, storytelling and staging, among professionals and apprentices interested in training in this discipline.
Asociación Cultural Social e Educativa Galega d Narración Oral Spain Informal collective of Galician storytellers.
Asociación de Profesionales de la Narración Oral en España Spain Association for all professional storytellers in Spain.
Asociación Madrileña de Narración Oral Spain Association for professional storytellers and people related with storytellers in Madrid.
Asociation ALBA Suomi Finland Finland An association that promotes storytelling as a healing art in Finland. It is part of the international Storytelling as a Healing Art movement and of the Nordic storytelling community Alba Norden.
Associació de Narradores i Narradors Spain Non-profit organisation that brings together professional and amateur storytellers in Catalonia. It brings together professional, occasional, intermittent, novice and amateur storytellers and all those who enjoy oral storytelling, for the dissemination and improvement of oral storytelling.
Associació de narradors orals de Castelló, València y Alacant Spain Association for professional storytellers in Comunidad Valenciana
Associazine Festival della fiaba Italy Festival della Fiaba promotion organization and developing its project throw intellectual, anthropological and cultural investigation
Baltic Storytelling Centre New Home of the Stories from the Baltic Sea Shore.
Berättarakademin Sweden/Denmark BRAK is a Swedish-Danish association of professional storytellers.
Berättarnät Norr (The Storytelling Network North) Sweden is a member of the national association Berättarnätet Sverige
Berättarnätet ÖST (The storytelling network east) Swedem is a member of the national association Berättarnätet Sverige
Beretterakademiet Denmark Swedish-Danish storytelling association
C'est tout un art France C'est Tout Un Art is an association dedicated to the promotion of storytelling through actions initiated or carried out by the storyteller Nicole Docin-Julien.
Cie des épices France The compagnie des épices is a project factory for theatre, storytelling and narrative arts bringing together 5 project leaders.
Cie du cercle France The Compagnie du Cercle is the first storytelling company created in France by Abbi Patrix in 1980. The company also supports young storytellers and musicians in their professional development.
Cie La Lune rousse France The company develops the practice and knowledge of storytelling.
Cie Nomade in France France Under the impetus of its artistic director Abdelwaheb Sefsaf, the Compagnie Nomade In France cultivates the connection between theatre and music.
Compagnie Cont'animés France Company of the storyteller Nathalie Bondoux.
Compagnie La Langue pendue France Company of Rachid Bouali, associate artist and trainer at La Maison du Conte in Chevilly-Larue.
Compagnie Vraiment Songe France Company of the storyteller Gilles Bizouerne.
COSA COSA is an association of professional storytellers in Picardy.
Dahu téméraire France Le Dahu téméraire aims to support the development of arts and culture and the promotion of artists, particularly in the fields of live performance and contemporary creation.
Darwiche Jihad France Website of the storyteller Jihad Darwiche.
Dire d'étoile France A company dedicated to supporting the dissemination and creations of Françoise Barret, storyteller-actress-author.
Federatie Nederlandse Vertelorganisaties Netherlands The Federatie Nederlandse Vertelorganisaties is the umbrella organisation for the six main storytelling organisations in the Netherlands. It actively promotes the recognition of storytelling as an artistic discipline.
Fortællere i Danmark Denmark National Association of Oral Storytellers
Fortællere i Østjylland Denmark Association of Storytellers
Fred Duvaud France Website of the storyteller Fred Duvaud.
Gremio de la Narración Oral en Andalucía Spain Association for all professional storytellers in the region of Andalucía.
Gremio de Narración Oral de Zaragoza Spain Association for professional storytellers in the area of Zaragoza
Grupa Studnia opowie?czi Poland Association of storytellers that organizes storytelling events, workshops and an international festival. It was founded in 1997
Guillaume Alix France Website of the storyteller Guillaume Alix.
H.C. ANDERSEN CENTRET Denmark Andersen HC Andersen Research Centre of the University of Southern Denmark
Kontakaz France KONTAKAZ is an association of animators, educators, teachers, storytellers, poets, creators and musicians.
Kozé conte France A collective of storytellers from Reunion Island whose aim is to promote storytelling in all its forms.
L'Allegresse du pourpre France L'Allégresse du pourpre is a company that accompanies the work of actor and storyteller Fred Pougeard.
La Casa della Paesologia Italy “La casa non è uno spazio neutro. Tiene insieme le persone, gli oggetti, le storie, le emozioni, i pensieri. Dentro si stabiliscono dinamiche relazionali diverse dagli incontri sporadici e in esterni. E poi “nel museo delle porte chiuse” che non manca in ognuno dei paesi della paesologia, aprire una porta è un gesto significativo…”
La compagnie de la Hulotte France The Compagnie de la Hulotte is a collective of artists who offer training and storytelling performances.
La Compagniedu caillou France Comapgnie de théâtre-conte under the artistic direction of Pierre Desvigne.
La Faula. Associació catalana de profesionals de la narració oral Spain Association for professional storytellers in Catalonia.
La Luna al Guinzaglio Italy La Luna al Guinzaglio is a cultural association active since 2003 in Potenza that operates in the field of art, education and culture, creating training courses, exhibitions, installations and educational projects aimed at schools, teachers, operators, families and citizens of all ages. In 2008 the Association opened the Salone dei Rifiutati, a creative workshop that has become a social cooperative since 2016, which enhances the production waste of various affiliated companies by giving new life to discarded materials and objects. The self-managed space has been recognized by the Basilicata Region as an Environmental Education Center for Sustainability. The projects promoted and supported aim to weave a socio-cultural network for almost 14 years, increasing a network of relationships that starts from Basilicata to reach all over Italy. Our goal is to implement this network by increasing the opportunities to look at reality through another point of view, thanks to the extraordinary ability of art to make visible what is not and to make us know the world through new latitudes. In 2018, consistent with these principles of exchange and interaction, the cooperative gives life to MOON, the Museo Officina Oggetti Narranti. The moon on a leash has been a guest for more than a decade of international events with installations, interactive exhibitions and workshops, all characterized by the use of recovered materials and broken and disused objects. The creative and training paths are designed following two fundamental criteria: involving local communities in processes of realization and fruition of art and weaving relationships with the territory to promote reciprocity in the relationship between work and spectator. The path built around broken objects and their generative potential, has given life over the years to an ecological poetics that has made the hundreds of people participating in our processes ambassadors of values such as sustainability, knowledge, inclusion. A real collective ritual that has given the territories the opportunity to create virtuous, socializing paths with a significant cultural impact.
La Margoulette France Company created by the storyteller Gigi Bigot in 1998 and which today has the status of an association.
La volige France A company that develops the art of storytelling and narrative in a contemporary approach through the performances and actions of Nicolas Bonneau and Fanny Chériaux.
Latvian Storytellers' Association Latvia It is the central institution in Latvia performing folklore collection, archiving, publication and study.
Le cri de l'armoire France A story theatre company that carries the work of Marien Tillet, trainer at La Maison du Conte in Chevilly-Larue.
Les cailloux brulants France Company under the artistic direction of Cécile Demaison.
Meseszó Egyesület Hungary Association of traditional stroytellers (alumni of the Heritage House training course)
Metamorphoses Meseterápiás Egyesület Hungary Association of professional folktale therapists
Mots et couleurs France Comapgnie which brings together two visual artists and a storyteller to create exhibitions/stories where the two universes embrace each other.
MTÜ Jutumaja Estonia A creative centre, which started on a farm, which also tries to recover the oral tradition.
Musiconte France Musiconte is a group of storytellers from Normandy who also run a cultural venue, the Étable.
Nordkystfortællerne Denmark Association of Storytellers
Odense Fortællekreds Denmark Association of Storytellers
Odins Ravne Denmark Association of Storytellers
ORALSACE ORALSACE is a collective of professional and amateur storytellers from Alsace.
Ouvir e Contar, associação de contadores de Histórias Portugal oral narration activities
Palavras Andarilhas: Portugal short stories, readings, workshops, gatherings, walking grocery store, puppets, music
Ratatosk The Scandinavian storytelling network
Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos Spain It is a Storytelling Network with 1300 storytellers from all over the world, from 61 countries from all continents.
Roskilde Fortællerlaug Denmark Association of Storytellers
Ry Fortællekreds Denmark Association of Storytellers
Stichting Vertellen Netherlands Foundation of and for storytellers, which organises events and professional meetings to promote the storytelling network. The professional storytellers who are members also offer performances. 
Storytellers from Kurzeme, “K?rava”’ Latvia As a result of the Eurpean project named “The development of storytelling skills of adults – a European approach” (October 2006 – June 2008), a network of storytellers and organisers of storyteller events was set up in different parts of Kurzeme (western part of Latvia), creating a community with a shared identity – that of storytellers from Kurzeme. This network still continues its operation after the completion of the project work.
Storytellers of Ireland(AOS SCÉAL ÉIREANN) Irelande Storytellers of Ireland rassemble un bon nombre de conteurs amateurs et surtout professionnels d'Irlande. L'association a pour objectif le développement et la préservation de la pratique du conte.
Storytelling Czech Republic Association that organizes storytelling workshops and events
Storytelling ŽODŽIU mokymai ir pasirodymai Lietuvoje In this group, please share information about the oral storytelling trainings or ORAL storytelling performances that will take place in Lithuania.
Suomeksi / Samova Storytelling Finland A transdisciplinary cultural association that cultivates and promotes the art of storytelling in its many forms and nuances.
Tekerg? Meseösvény Egyesület Hungary / Romania An association of storytellers who perform together
Tiroler Märchentraumwelten Austria Association that specializes in local tyrolean traditional tales tratidtion, it organizes storytelling events and a festival
Verbarium Czech Republic Association that organizes storytelling workshops, events and an international storytelling festival
Vestjyllands Fortællere Denmark Association of Storytellers
Vestjyske Fortællespor Denmark Association of Storytellers
Viborg Storytelling Circle Denmark Association of Storytellers
Zoukouyanyan France Collective of storytellers who promote the oral tradition in Guyana.
????????? ??? ????? ???? ????????? ?? ???? Greece recording, gathering, study, rescue, promotion, promotion, exploitation and dissemination of the intangible cultural heritage contained in the material of oral folk literature in the form of fairy-tale and mythical speech.
A la lueur des contes, Maison des Contes en Est France The Maison des Contes is a space for initial and continuing training dedicated to the art of storytelling, oral literature and related disciplines (voice, body, movement, etc.). The association is approved as a vocational training organization.
Age d'or de France France Association of storytelling training and cultural actions of storytellers in Île de France.
Agence spoke France SPOKE is a live performance production agency promoting various forms of storytelling arts.
Alden Biesen Belgium La Landcommanderij considers the art of storytelling to be of paramount importance and the International Storytelling Festival in April is its highlight. This annual event is a unique festival of multilingual storytelling that has a high level of interest from some 12,000 secondary and adult students. WinterMagic in January presents storytelling performances for a younger audience. It is a regular educational excursion for many of the region's nursery and primary schools. Our autumn storytelling event, Verhalen in het Park, is for everyone who loves a good story in our language. In addition to storytelling as a performing art, Landcommanderij Alden Biesen also focuses on applied storytelling. It hosts and offers various workshops for a national and international audience. The offer includes both basic courses on storytelling (How to become a storyteller?) and courses with more specific content, for example on storytelling techniques in education.
Amstrong storytelling trust Irelande The Armstrong Storytelling Trust is an organisation that aims to promote the art of storytelling and make it accessible to all audiences.
Anitpodes France The International Space of Cultural Exchange Antipodes is a non-profit association under the 1901 law whose objective is to promote a dialogue between cultures based on the imagination of peoples.
Antenne Mobile d’Action Culturelle (Maison du Conte et des arts de la parole) France AMAC is one of the most active oral associations in France.
APACC France The Professional Association of Storytelling Artists works for the structuring and institutionalization of storytelling as an artistic discipline. It is the recognized interlocutor association with institutions and structures for professional storytellers.
Ár mBréacha - The House of Story Irelande Traditional Irish thatched house, which regularly hosts storytelling evenings.
Archivo sonoro de tradición Oral Spain The Aragonese Cultural Heritage Information System is a wide selection of Aragonese intangible heritage, represented through its music (dances, jotas, religious hymns and secular songs) and orally transmitted tradition (popular narrations and legends, romances, children's stories). The portal is the main platform for the dissemination of this system.
Ars-Narrandi e.V. Germany Ars narrandi e.V. is committed to the preservation and renewal of storytelling and oral tradition. It brings together not only artists, but also scientists and specialists who work in an intercultural environment, in hospitals or with bereaved people. It has initiated the series "Avec de grandes histoires autour du monde" at the Lindenmuseum, "Histoires en vente" at the Fairkauf 2.handKaufhauf, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, storytelling festivals, projects in kindergartens and schools, lectures and workshops.
Asociación Los Cuentos de la Luna Spain Continuous programming of sessions for adults throughout the year for 28 years.
Asociación Malión Spain This organisation works with oral storytelling and other artistic expressions in the educational field, with teachers and students, and organises the Festival 'En Úbeda Se Cuenta'.
Association CALLIOPE France Calliope is an assicotiation that promotes the arts of orality through education and storytelling training. It is a resource center for oral literature, where it has the background tale that the Clio bequeathed to her.
Association des Unions Régionales des Arts de la Langue Aural is an association for amateur storytellers that offers training and an annual program of storytelling evenings and organizes the Storytelling Festival every year in June.
Association Martinique Images France As an association of popular education, AMI carries out cultural actions in schools or in sensitive neighborhoods related to theater, storytelling and music.
Association pour le Développement des Arts de l’Oralité France The ADAO organizes the storytelling festivals "Grande Marée" and "Petite Marée" in Brest and its surroundings.
Besttellers Denmark Oral storytelling and theatre courses
Biblioteca Cánovas del Castillo Spain Public library of the Diputación de Malaga.
Biblioteca de los Carteros Spain It holds a weekly story time every Wednesday. Each year it has a theme that serves as a common thread for the stories. This activity is aimed at children from the age of three and is a family activity where children come with their parents, grandparents, etc. so that the whole family is involved in the child's reading process.
Biblioteca Joaquín González Moreno Spain Public Local Library
Biblioteca Miguel Artigas Spain Public Library included in the Network of Libraries of Aragon.
Biblioteca Municipal de Mérida Juan Pablo Forner Spain Local Public Library
Biblioteca Municipal Escultor Juan Sánchez Spain Public Local Library
Biblioteca Pública de Cáceres "A. Rodríguez Moñino/María Brey" España State Public Library
Biblioteca Pública Jesús Delgado Valhondo Spain State Public Library
Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Jabugo Spain Public Local Library
Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Zuera Spain Public Local Library. Regular programming of storytelling sessions since 1992.
Biblioteca Pública Municipal Pedro Laín Entralgo Spain This library has a long experience in the permanent programming of activities linked to oral storytelling, both for children and adults.
Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN Poland local government cultural institution that was created in order to preserve and tell the history of the city of Lublin
Bygone Days Storytelling House Irelande Traditional Irish thatched house, which regularly hosts storytelling evenings.
C'est à dire France C'est à dire, aims to promote the creation and disseminate shows nourished by the arts of speech and storytelling.
C'est tout un art France C'Est Tout Un Art is an association dedicated to the promotion of storytelling through actions initiated or carried out by the storyteller Nicole Docin-Julien.
Casa Museo del padre Ginard. Museo de la Palabra. Archivo Oral de Mallorca Spain Compilation centre of legends, characters, stories and songs.
Central Library of Võru County Võru County Storytelling time
Centre culturel d’Enghien Belgium A cultural centre that aims to offer and support cultural activities rooted in a sustainable development perspective. It offers storytelling courses and storytelling walks.
Centre Culturel René Magritte Belgium Organises storytelling nights
Centre de production des paroles contemporaines France The CPPC is a place of manufacture and accompaniment of artists of the arts of the word.
Centre Méditérranéen de Littérature Orale France At the crossroads between storytelling and research in the social sciences, the C.M.L.O is a place of research and documentation on oral heritage. It also offers training and a program of storytellers, conferences, symposia.
Centro de Interpretación de Oralidade de Vigo Spain It was created by the Language Normalisation Service to work on the recovery and enhancement of our oral tradition and new forms of oral improvisation.
Centro Italiano Storytelling Italy research group that explores, shares and experiments the potential of applied storytelling
Centrul de Cultura si Arta al Judetului Timis Romania The "Traditional Culture" department within the Timi? County Culture and Art Center aims to research, preserve, valorize and promote traditional art and culture. The department carries out programs and cultural projects in the field of traditional culture, aiming at: researching the customs and traditions of Timi? County , protecting and valorizing local cultural heritage, revitalizing local crafts, preserving the multi-ethnic specificity of Banat, but also maintaining intercultural dialogue and developing cultural exchanges, both at the national and international level.
Château Coquelle France Alternative cultural center that offers an artistic and cultural commitment related to the arts of storytelling, photography and dance.
Château de Breteuil France The Château de Breteuil beautifully is a museum that offers an experience in the heart of French history. Tales by Perrault are presented every weekend.
Chiny cité des contes Belgium The association Chiny cité des contes aims to spread and promote storytelling. Since 1990, it has organised the famous Chiny storytelling festival. Little by little, its activities have developed and it now has several venues enabling it to fulfil its mission throughout the year.
Claire de lune France Agency for the dissemination of spetacles of tales, which is also at the origin of the creation of several storytelling events: L'Ivresse des mots (Marcq-en-Barœul - 59), A tue-tête (Caen - 14), Paroles au Paradis (Lucernaire theater - Paris), Gare aux Mots (professional day).
CONT'acte Belgium The Fédération d’opérateur culturels des arts du conte et de moralité was created to support the action of the Fédération des conteurs professionnels. It aims to make the art of storytelling recognized in Belgian culture and to support professional storytelling structures and operators.
Conte en balade Belgium Conte en balade est un projet porté par l'asbl Mots et Merveilles. Elle programme des conteuses et conteurs dans divers lieux de Bruxelles-Capitale et de la Wallonie.
Contes en Oléron France The association Contes en Oléron for the valorization, promotion and dissemination of the arts of narrative and speech.
Contes et légendes à Stavelot Belgium Conte en balade is a project run by the non-profit organisation Mots et Merveilles. It programs storytellers in various places in Brussels-Capital and Wallonia.
Conteur du coin France Tool for connecting storytellers and organizers in the form of a card.
Cork Yarnspinners Irelande The Cork Yarnspinners is a collective of storytellers who meet monthly at Crawford & Co in Anglesea Street, Cork for story nights.
Dahu téméraire France The Dahu téméraire aims to help the development of arts and culture and the promotion of artists more particularly in the fields of live performance and contemporary creation.
De Vertelschuur Netherlands De Vertelschuur is an old sheepfold that has been converted into a storytelling venue. It hosts performances every Sunday.
Department of Folklore Studies of Helsinki University Finland Folklore studies examines unofficial cultural forms of communication and expression
Des récits et des ondesRadio Campus de Bruxelles Belgium Des récits et des ondes Radio Campus de Bruxelles is a monthly radio programme designed to raise awareness of the oral tradition. It deals with current events in French storytelling and gives voice to storytellers and various actors in the storytelling community.
DUTCH INTERNATIONAL STORYTELLING CENTRE Netherlands The DUTCH INTERNATIONAL STORYTELLING CENTRE is a storytelling training centre for beginners and advanced.
ERÄMAATEATTERI – TEATRO SALVAJE FInland A theatre group of three artists from different fields of art. In performances Erämaateatteri combines storytelling, live-music, shadows and visual theatre.
Erzaehlkunst e.V. Germany The association Erzählkunst e.V. promotes this art form: the association trains professional storytellers, organises a monthly open storytelling stage and initiates storytelling projects in art and education.
ErzählZeit Germany Through constant and lively expansion of the basic concept - through further training of the teachers and educators involved, presentation of the project at parents' evenings, library events for children and parents, story time in the yurt, festival days, encounters with other arts - ErzählZeit stands out for its overall aesthetic quality and artistic professionalism in the field of cultural education. ErzählZeit is part of the framework concept of CULTURAL EDUCATION in Berlin and is a winner of the IDEAS FOR THE EDUCATIONAL REPUBLIC competition.
Erzielkonscht Absl Luxembourg Erzielkonscht Absl, is a radio storytelling project that aims to raise awareness of storytelling in Luxembourg and more specifically among adults. In association with radio 100.7, the storytellers Betsy Dentzer and Luisa Bevilacqua produce programmes on storytelling in incongruous places/universes, revisiting concepts dealt with in the tales. The next step in this project is to produce storytelling shows for adults in these unusual places.
Europäische Märchengesellschaft Germany The European Fairy Tale Society (EMG) provides interested event organisers with a guide to contacting experienced storytellers. The style of storyteller, the experience of the storyteller, the repertoire and the fees are very different, so a personal consultation with the storytellers of your choice is recommended.
Fairbar Denmark Bar
Federatie Nederlandse Vertelorganisaties Netherlands The Federatie Nederlandse Vertelorganisaties is the umbrella organisation for the six main storytelling organisations in the Netherlands. It actively promotes the recognition of storytelling as an artistic discipline.
Fédération des conteurs professionnels Belgium La Fédération des conteurs professionnels brings together storytellers with the aim of working towards the recognition of storytelling as an artistic practice in its own right.
Fédération des foyers ruraux de Lozère France The Departmental Federation brings together 63 rural households whose objective is to promote culture and social ties in their territory. Irelande is an online archive of Michael Fortune's collecting work in Ireland since the late 1990s.
Fortælle Akademiet Denmark Academy
Fourm Jacques Prévert France The FJP is a place of programming, creation and training around different performing arts. The actions carried out by the FJP are part of a popular education approach.
Goldmund-Erzählakademie Germany The Goldmund Narrative Academy, with its seminar locations in Munich, Starnberg, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main and Berne, is one of the most renowned training institutes for narrative skills: These include further training in storytelling (storytelling school) in Starnberg and Würzburg, an autumn academy at Goldrain Castle, various in-house offers and numerous individual one-day or weekend seminars for learning to tell stories freely, orally. We see storytelling as a modern performing arts profession.
Grimm Welt Kassel Germany GRIMMWELT Kassel is the largest museum dedicated to the Brothers Grimm. It makes the life and works of the Grimm brothers accessible to a broad public by focusing on the oral and living mediation of the literature.
H.C. Andersens Hus Denmark Museum
Hagyományok Háza Hungary Hungarian Heritage House
Haus der Märchen und Geschichten e.V. Germany The Maison des Contes et des Histoire de Fées accompanies storytelling projects such as the international storytelling festival "ZwischenZeiten", which existed from 1997 to 2017, school projects such as "The School of Listening" or the research project "Einsteins Kinder®". Every year, the association develops a programme that includes events for families and adults: "GeschichtenUnterwegs" in summer, meetings, lectures, evening programmes with German and international artists.
Holnemvolt Foundation Hungary A foundation promoting storytelling in Hungary
Hopi'Conte Belgium Hopi’Conte is an association of storytellers who tell stories for vulnerable audiences.
Il était une fois Created in 1987 under the impetus of Jude Le Paboul, the association aims to "rediscover the tale, make it live in Brittany, and promote it beyond. "
Institut für angewandte Narrationsforschung Germany The Institute for Applied Narrative Research aims to be an interdisciplinary teaching, research and communication platform for application-oriented narrative theory and practice. The pioneers of narrative work in Germany come from different disciplines, but they are united by systems thinking and the pleasure of narrative as a tool for analysis and intervention. More than 20 years ago they discovered that narrative methods and storytelling are extremely powerful tools for opening up new dimensions in communication, cultural development, change, organisational development and leadership culture for companies and organisations. They bring this vision and the associated methods to companies through seminars, consultancy projects and workshops.
Institute for Language and Folklore Sweden The Institute for Language and Folklore is responsible for language planning and disseminating knowledge about languages, dialects, folklore, names and intangible cultural heritage in Sweden
Ivanina ku?a bajke (Ivana's House of Fairy Tales) Croatia Ivana's House of Fairy Tales is a multimedia and interactive visitor's centre which celebrates fairy tales and their makers.
KAUNO TECHNOLOGIJOS UNIVERSITETAS, Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania KTU launches an admission marketing campaign with a focus on people and technology. This year KTU admission to study marketing campaign developed storytelling (Eng. Storytelling ) approach. Her main hero is a future student who travels and explores the magical world of science."This indirectly reflects the main message of KTU, because without modern technologies created by people, we would not be able to explore all this. This narrative principle helps to maintain the integrity and recognizability of the campaign, is attractive to all age groups, ”says P. Kuzmickait?-Bernot?.Scenes with a future student are created according to separate study fields . In them, the student takes samples on the jungle planet and seeks new tastes through the natural sciences, using technological sciences to develop ways to make the city smarter, or to plan creative and engaging communication content within the social sciences.
Klaip?da Country Ieva Simonaityt? Public Library Lithuania It is a public library
Kom panis France Kom Panis is a storytelling school located in Lorraine that offers itinerant training to other storytelling locations in France. Its training course is three years.
Kozé conte Under the impulsion of a collective of storytellers from Reunion since 2005, the Kozé Conté association aims to "promote storytelling in all its most diverse forms (shows, documentation, research, training, publishing)".
L'atelier à histoires France L'Atelier à Histoire is a place of learning and experimentation for storytellers.
L'éolienne France The Eolienne is a theater dedicated to world music and storytelling, the place of residence of the Rassegna Company, place of training and place of reception for cultural action and artistic education devices.
La compagnie de la Hulotte France The Compagnie de la Hulotte is a collective of artists that offers training and storytelling shows.
La Grande oreille France Quarterly review that offers to discover the great stories in all their diversity (tales of oral tradition, myths, legends, urban and contemporary tales, life stories ...) and in all their forms (storytelling shows, storytelling in libraries, in schools, hospitals ...).
La Maison des géants Belgium La Maison des Géants is a museum about giants and highlights the folklore that accompanies their stories.
La Maison du Conte et de la littérature Belgium La Maison du Conte et de la Littérature is a place for the promotion of storytelling through books and storytelling.
La Maison du Patrimoine Oral de Bourgogne France The Regional Resource Centre for Intangible Cultures of Burgundy is a resource space that accompanies and creates devices for the transmission of oral traditions. It has an ethnopole that conducts a work of reflection and expertise on the territory for its social and cultural development.
La Vénerie Belgium La Vénerie is the Cultural Centre of Watermael-Boitsfort. It offers a wide range of participatory and cultural projects: a film programme, performing arts, creative workshops and exhibitions. Its committed work seeks to encourage sharing, the desire to learn and the participation of citizens and associative actors with a view to a more sustainable and equitable world.
Le Courlieu Belgium A place for programming storytelling shows, work and creation. The Courlieu is also a place of work and meetings for the storytellers of the Hopi'Conte non-profit association, whose aim is to pass on stories in hospitals.
Le Dé à coudre Belgium A small venue that hosts storytelling shows for adults and children.
Le Grand lieu du Conte France Place dedicated to storytelling in a process of consideration of the environment and knowledge of living together. The objective is the dissemination of know-how, culture and create social links. The place hosts a Conte Collective, the actors of Ouverture Nature, the Radio Grand Lieu zt the Cric Crac Café, storytelling café and tea room.
Le jardin des mots France The Jardin des Mots is a publishing house of books and cd-books of tales for young and old.
Le Nombril du monde France The Nombril du Monde is a resource place for making stories. Its objective is to enhance the village of Pougne-Hérisson, and its region through cultural actions dedicated to storytelling and orality.
Le Polaris de Corbas France The Polaris de Corbas/Lyon, a regional stage, offers a program of all artistic forms that gives an important place to the arts of storytelling and storytelling.
Legendoria, château de Bernicourt France Legendoria, the kingdom of Tales & Legends is a place of artistic creations. It is located in a wing of the castle of Bernicourt, in the town of Roost-Warendin and has two theaters of 138 and 62 seats
Les arts du récit France The Centre des Arts du Récit is one of the flagship places that works for the enhancement and recognition of the arts of storytelling. It is a center of resources, training and animation that carries out actions in connection with the territory in order to promote the arts of storytelling to all the chessboards.
Les Singuliers France Les singuliers is a broadcasting agency that supports the creation of storytelling artists.
Maison de l'oralité et du patrimoine France The Maison de l'Oralité et du Patrimoine de Capbreton is home to the "Pôle de l'oralité": a structure dedicated to tales and storytellers! They create their shows, presented in preview to the Capbretoners, just before the highlight of the year: the Festival du conte, in summer.
Maison du Conte de Charleroi Belgium La Maison du Conte de Charleroi offers shows for children and adults and carries out cultural activities in schools.
Maison du Conte de Jodoigne Belgium La Maison du Conte et de la Littérature aims to be a link between storytellers, readers, authors, established and up-and-coming artists, as well as a launching pad for (re)finding your voice.
Maison du Conte de Namur Belgium The Maison du Conte a team whose aim is to circulate the spoken word, to make people dream, laugh and question, because storytelling is as much a pleasure to share as it is a way of reflecting on life's questions. The Maison du Conte, a relay between the words of yesterday and today. It is a place of encounters and discoveries. Different voices, different tones, a whole program…
Maison du Conte et de la parole de Liège-Verviers Belgium The Maison du Conte et de la parole de Liège-Verniers is a place of reference for storytelling in Belgium. Its activity is the promotion and dissemination of storytelling through a monthly paper publication on storytelling in French-speaking Belgium. Programming, organisation of shows and cultural actions. Accompaniment of storytellers and involvement in the institutional recognition of storytelling.
MÄRCHENLAND Centre européen pour la culture du conte Germany An institution that brings children and young people closer to European cultural heritage through storytelling and brings together French and German children.
Médiathèque Boris Vian France The Médiathèque Boris Vian highlights oral literature through the development of a rich storytelling background and the programming of storytelling shows. It works in partnership with the Maison du Conte in Chevilly-Larue.
Memoria Imaterial Cooperativa Cultural Portugal Investigation Center About tradicionale Storytelling -tradicional
Mermaid Arts Centre Irelande Mermaid is a cultural and artistic center involved in the promotion of storytelling with the organisation of the YARN Storytelling Festival in Bray.
Mezrab Netherlands A venue for storytelling, concerts, dance, theatre and training.
Moomin Museum Finland These characters were created by Tove Jansson, one of the most important writers and artists in the history of Finland, in 1945, the year in which she published her first novel.
Moth and butterfly Irelande Collective that organises storytelling and improvisation events.
Museo Officina Oggetti Narranti Italy The MOON bears in its name the will to create opportunities for encounter and amazement through creative processes that see everyday objects and their possible stories, between familiarity and creativity.In order to promote sustainable development through art and beauty, MOON offers spaces and services to ssoications, professionists, schools, public stakeholders, cultural and educational sectors and opens up its spaces and exhibitions in order to organize educational programs and network activities based on different needs.MOON is a Cultural Center that offers its own spaces for events, meetings, co-working, consulting and design for network projects.
Museu de Antoni Maria Alcover Spain The Manacor Town Council created this museum as a centre for the study and dissemination of the figure of Antoni M. Alcover and his legacy. Alcover dedicated his whole life to learning more about and collecting words, stories, Mallorcan and Catalan legends.
Musiconte France Musiconte is a collective of storytellers from Normandy who also animate a cultural place, the Stable.
Muzeum Bajek, Ba?ni i Opowie?ci Poland a museum of storytelling that offers storytelling events and workshops
National Folklore Collection Irelande A society of researchers and publishers whose aim is to collect and preserve Irish folklore.
National Leprechaun Museum Irelande Museum of the Leprechaun and other magical creatures which organises shows and storytelling tours.
Nittachowa, Maison du Conte et des Arts Oraux France Maison du conte which aims to promote and transmit the art of storytelling through the accompaniment of artists, training, production and dissemination of tales.
Ongekend Bijzonder Netherlands Ongekend Bijzonder is a project about the stories of 248 refugees who arrived in the Netherlands. These stories are available online on their website.
ORALSACE The association Collectif Oralsace aims to promote and defend orality, the arts of storytelling, actors and artists of speech resident in Alsace.
Our Stories Greece aims to record stories and create a story audiovisual archive, produce theatre, cinema, radio, and visual arts events, publish books and magazines, organize theatre, cinema, and radio workshops, create an artist residency and promote the cooperation and exchange with corresponding artistic organizations and institutions in Greece and abroad
Panev?žys Country Gabriel? Petkevi?ait?-Bit? Public Library Lithuania It is the main library in the northeast region of Lithuania
Paul's G'schichten Werkl Austria A project of Paul Daniel, a storyteller, who collaborates with other Austrian storytellers to organize different storytelling events
Piccolo Museo del diario Italy The Piccolo Museo del Diario (Little Museum of Diaries) is an intense multisensory and interactive journey born to describe the National Archive of Diaries of Pieve Santo Stefano and its precious autobiographical stories.The setting engages the visitors in an innovative way and takes them by the hand through the writings of common people who tell the story of Italy from a truly unknown point of view. Private memories become collective and universal stories, thus joining the major historical narrative and intertwining with it, so to speak, with “history written from below”. Here, our country finds its purest identity. Memories, letters and diaries bypass the filter of rhetoric, and make us understand the world we live in – our society.
Platform Levensverhalen Netherlands Network of storytelling groups We offer advice, tools and training, tested in practice. For all, professionals and volunteers.
Príbehom na stope Slovakia A civil initiative of four storytellers created in order to help establish storytelling in Slovakia
Productiehuis De Verhalenboot Netherlands La maison de production De Verhalenboot assure la gestion artistique et commerciale de deux grands festivals de contes à Zwolle : Internationaal Vertelfestival Zwolle Unlimited et Wereldberoemde Verhalenfestival. C'est un lieu de formation et de programmation.
Raconte-moi encore… Luxembourg An association which supports the work of the storyteller Sylvie Beythan. She offers storytelling workshops at her home as well as in day care centres, schools and retirement homes.
Racontour production Irelande Racontour Productions is a marketing company that provides digital heritage presentation and storytelling services. It is very active in the promotion of Irish oral heritage.
RNCAP France The National Network of Storytelling and Speech Arts (RNCAP) was created in 2007, its members are structures working in the world of storytelling and the arts of speech.
Seminario de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil de Guadalajara Spain The SLIJ was born in 1982 with the aim of collecting, coordinating, disseminating and developing initiatives and activities related to oral storytelling.
Stevns Folklore Museum Denmark Museum
Stichting Vertellen Netherlands Foundation of and for storytellers, which organises events and professional meetings to promote the storytelling network. The professional storytellers who are members also offer performances.
Story Lab Croatia Organization that organizes storytelling courses
Story trail Netherlands The StoyTrail is a professional heritage production and can now be experienced from Groningen to Vlissingen. It consists of city walks, nature walks, guided tours and performances on stages and festivals. Hundreds of performances are planned each year and the public can participate.
Storytellers of Ireland(AOS SCÉAL ÉIREANN) Irelande Storytellers of Ireland brings together a number of amateur and especially professional storytellers from Ireland. The association aims to develop and preserve the practice of storytelling.
Storytelling Centre Netherlands The Storytelling Center is a training and programming centre for storytelling. Its approach to storytelling also focuses on its social dimension as a development tool.
Teater Katapult Denmark Theatre
The bear Germany We encourage communities to use stories to make meaningful connections and participate in debates that matter, to truly engage the community. To that end, each month The Bear breathes new life into this age-old tradition with an open stage where every story counts.
The Fading year Irelande The Fading Year is a blog that aims to showcase Irish folklore.
The Gab Irelande The Gab is a Cork-based storytelling collective that organises storytelling evenings once a month in Coughlan's.
The Museum of Legends Sweden The museum is managed by the Storytelling Network of Kronoberg. It is housed in a beautiful, charming house from the 19th century. The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg has members from all over the Nordic countries.
Theater Maskara Germany Maskara Theatre wants to delight its audience in the truest sense of the word. Fairy tales are wonderfully complex and profound human stories. It is therefore important for us to analyse them accurately so that we can stage them from their depth. We consciously leave the fairy tales in their originality and try to bring out the tension, joy, sadness and spirit of the stories. We want to create a theatre that tells good stories, that stimulates the imagination and inspires different minds, big and small.
Theaterbureau Het Verteltheater Netherlands Het Verteltheater is a production/distribution agency for storytelling performances.
Théâtre de Chevilly-Larue France The Théâtre communal de Chevilly-Larue, in collaboration with the Maison du Conte, is developing a cultural and artistic storytelling programme.
Théâtre de la parole Belgium The Théâtre de la parole is a place dedicated to the arts of the spoken word: reception, meetings, training, creation, expression, dissemination, interculturality and memory. The Théâtre de la parole presents works of oral literature. These are performed by professional artists in the form of shows, designed for the stage, for adults and young audiences. It also houses the International School of Storytelling, which includes introductory workshops, a long training course for storytellers and training for professionals. Finally, it includes a documentation centre with over a thousand books.
Théâtre des Sources France Since 2016, the Théâtre des Sources has focused its programming on the Arts of the Word to make room for storytellers and artists of the word.
Théâtre la Montagne magique Belgium Its artistic project focuses on actions that bring together children, young people and adults (teachers, nursery nurses, parents, grandparents, artists, etc.) for a meeting, a show, a workshop or a training session. It is a place for programming and broadcasting, creation, training for teachers and parents and cultural actions for schoolchildren and families.
Théâtre le Strapontin France The Strapontin welcomes artists from the arts of speech to create and present their shows. They also lead workshops in lein with the territory and its inhabitants.
Triple Spiral Storytellers Irelande Triple Spiral Storytellers is a collective of storytellers who meet monthly in the Kildare and Wicklow region of Ireland for storytelling evenings.
Union Régionale des Foyers Ruraux du Poitou-Charentes France The association manages and animates the Moulin du Marais, a regional cultural center for the arts of speech and contemporary writing. This place accompanies artists in residence with the aim of creating a link with the inhabitants of the territory. It also promotes the amateur practice of the arts of speech and offers a unique resource space in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (10,000 titles available in theatre, poetry, storytelling and orality).
Universität der Künste Berlin Germany The in-service certificate course "Artistic Storytelling - Storytelling in Art and Education" offers an introduction to an extraordinary genre of the performing arts: oral storytelling. Storytelling is an art form that draws on the immediacy of the spoken word, the facial expressions and eloquent gestures of the storyteller, and the imagination of the listener. In one and a half years, the course provides experience in directing, performance technique, pedagogy, dramaturgy and narrative theory. It is aimed at people who want to try out artistic storytelling under professional guidance and use it in their work. Successful completion of the advanced course is confirmed by a certificate from the Berlin University of the Arts.
Vaik? žem? , Children‘s Land, School Improvement Center. Literature cognition program for children and adolescents. Lithuania CHILDREN'S LAND is a program for children and adolescents aimed at spark interest in literature. We strive to be a space of non-formal education that inspires the love of literature in children through educational and cultural activities. The program CHILDREN'S LAND was Initiated by Public Enterprise Center for School Improvement (School Improvement Center), Which, among its many other activities, runs an innovative teacher education program, I Choose to Teach for a Change in Schooling!
Van Stoel tot Stoel Belgium Van Stoel tot Stoel wants to bring people together around stories. By stimulating and promoting storytelling, we want the art, science and culture of storytelling to be appreciated and developed.Van Stoel tot Stoel wants to be the network for storytellers. It addresses storytellers, organisers, sectors and the public with information, training, support and storytelling tools.
Verband der Erzählerinnen und Erzähler Germany The VEE is an association of professional storytellers in the performing arts and applied storytelling in all areas of society.We inform the public about our work, enable exchange and networking between us and offer qualified training to the next generation of professionals.
Verhaelenfontein Netherlands Stichting Verhalenfontein is a company that works to develop storytelling through events and workshops.
Vertelacademie Netherlands The Storytelling Academy is a storytelling school that offers courses in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Its aim is to open up storytelling to as many people as possible.
Vertellen in Vlaanderen The association brings together professional storytellers, listeners, enthusiasts and organisations to promote and hear the power of storytelling in all its forms and is managed by Alden Biesen.
VERTELPODIUM HET LOPENDE VUUR Netherlands Association of three professional storytellers from Brabant who organise storytelling evenings at home once a month.
Világszép Foundation Hungary A foundation supporting children in the Hungarian state care (foster) system, using applied storytelling as their main methodology. They train volunteer storytellers to visit foster homes for weekly storytelling sessions, and hold storytelling camps in the summer.
Vilnius University Cultural Center Lithuania Workshops for VU students organized by VU Culture Center will take place on October 19-20 . The storytelling workshop, which became especially popular among students last year, is back! Only this semester, everything is moving into the digital space - for the first time the workshops will take place ONLINE using the ZOOM program. The ability to tell stories well is recognized as one of the most important qualities of future employees. The ability to express thoughts in a smooth narrative, to speak to a variety of audiences, the ability to inspire people are qualities of future leaders. Want to know more? Join a storytelling workshop. They will be led by Storyteller Milda Varnauskaite (Storyteller Milda)
Volkskundemuseum Austria The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art is one of Europe’s major international ethnographic museums with extensive collections of folk art as well as historical and contemporary everyday cultures. A permanent exhibition as well as changing special exhibitions deal with various topics of coexistence in a constantly changing world.
World of HC Andersen Denmark Museum
Zarándula Spain Programming entity for festivals and special and continuous programmes in libraries and museums.
Zwolled Unlimited Netherlands Zwolle Unlimited organises festivals and events in connection with the oral tradition and with a view to sustainable development.
154 stories 154 stories from and to Lithuania: storytelling workshops,,
A magyar népmese napja The national day of Hungarian folktales
A pas contés, Festival International jeune & tout public A pas contés is a festival of live theatre for young audiences, which brings together artists and professionals.
Alcalá Cuenta Oral Narration Festival included in the programme of Festival of the Word of the City Council and the University of Alcalá de Henares. It brings together storytellers with different styles of storytelling and different stage productions.
AlfinNarra Oral storytelling sessions over four days for all kinds of audiences and in different venues
Alla berattares dag It's about as many storytellers as possible telling stories around the world, in all languages, throughout the day and night.
Amsterdam Storytelling Festival The Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival has an international reputation for the quality of its programme, bringing together storytellers from the Netherlands and around the world.
Anecdote Contest Some 50 participants in 3 – 4 hours tell around 300 anecdotes – not from age-old publications but still current. Thus the participants learn how to use the anecdotes and develop their skills to choose the right story for every occasion.
Arrivano dal Mare Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle figure/ il più personale dei piaceri Over the years, the Festival has become a reference point and an unmissable appointment for puppeteers, marionette players, puppeteers and traditional storytellers, as well as for emerging artists and companies involved in the search for new languages for the image and figure, theatre scholars, critics, amateurs and spectators.
Au bout du conte Formerly the Coquelicontes Festival, Au bout du conte is a programme of more than 50 shows over 15 days to marvel at and dream about stories.
Au fil du conte A not-to-be-missed event in the Charente, this festival brings together storytellers and professional musicians to highlight the oral heritage and make it accessible to as many people as possible.
Austrian International Storytelling Festival an international storytelling festival
Balades contées entre chien et loup 8 departures with apprentice storytellers, just out of training! A family event in the heart of the Forest of Secrets in the Grand Parc d'Enghien.
Berättelser under eken We organize a week of storytelling in all its forms
Cap Clear Storytelling Festival The Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival is one of the largest international storytelling festivals. Each year it welcomes storytellers from Ireland and around the world to bring the heritage of Cape Clear Island to life.
Chahut, festival des arts de la parole Chahuts is a spoken word festival that brings to life the individual and collective stories of Bordeaux.
Cibus Uxenti A beautiful event organized by the ProLoco Ugento in the historic center of the village of Ugento: a leap in time, to discover customs and ancient crafts with 150 participants - inhabitants of Ugento - who stage moments of daily life in the Salento country. A path that tells about food and life with the aim of recovering and safeguarding the intangible heritage made of traditions: barefoot children, nursery rhymes and lullabies, food and wine, pizzica and storytellers, typical crafts, music in the streets of the city
Concours Conte du Festival interculturel du Conte de Chiny The "Prix de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles - Prix du Festival Interculturel du Conte" is held during the Festival Interculturel de Chiny and rewards an emerging storyteller from the Wallonia/Brussels Federation.
Conta'M A festival based on stories told by word of mouth, aimed at audiences who appreciate the spoken word, culture in Valencian and reading, and which aims to recover the ethnopoetic heritage of Maestrazgo and its values.
Contacontes a la mar Programme that organises two storytelling shows for family and adult audiences on Thursdays and Fridays in Benicàssim throughout the summer.
Contanário Contanario:is the source of public distribution of short stories and ways of telling
Contando Cuentos Season of storytelling for children and adults
Conte en Uzège For 20 years, the association l'Arbre qui Chante has been organising the Festival du Conte en Uzège (Storytelling Festival in Uzège) created by the storyteller Sophie Joignant, who is the artistic director.
Contes de Capbreton The Capbreton Storytelling Festival uses a wide variety of oral forms: storytelling, but also theatre, audio theatre, puppetry, mime and animated film.
Conteurs en campagne Conteurs en Campagne is one of the largest storytelling festivals in France: festivals, training courses, open stages around storytelling and orality in Nord Pas-de-Calais.
Couleurs contes A festival that includes performances, a philosophical conference, a storytelling conference, workshops, a storytelling aperitif, a folk ball and a film.
Cuenta con Agüimes A festival that attempts to recover the word as an essential tool of human communication, but also the habit of storytelling.
Cuentantón Storytelling festival around the fest of San Antón, a traditional Valencian winter festivity. The fire is a main character in this festivity.
Cuentos A la Luz de la Luna Oral storytelling in monumental spaces of the city for the enjoyment of all audiences. The programme includes national and Latin American storytellers
Cuentos al Fresquito Storytelling in differente squares , at night to promotote storytelling
D'Palabra Festival It was born as a complementary activity to the Cuenca Book Fair and finally becoming an independent event
Dimanches du conte One Sunday per month 4 storytelling shows for children and families in the afternoon and more than 8 indoor storytelling shows for an adult audience.
Dublin Yarnspinners Monthly open stages at Club na Múinteoir, where young people can come and test their stories.
El Contescoltes Festival that brings together storytellers and other culture professional.
En veu alta Cultural festival with a strong presence of storytelling performances
Encontes Festival de Narració Oral D'Altea Storytelling festival focused in the promotion of valencian language through de oral narration.
Erzählungsfestival HörterGewörter A festival of stories, fairy tales, puppet theater, cabaret and music.
Expeditie Ameland Expedition Ameland is an international storytelling festival on the Wadden Island of Ameland.
Fabula Storytelling Festival We are a company of professional storytellers. The festival was started 2004 as a festival with special focus on performance storytelling.We cooperate with other organisers in many countries.
Fest conference The conference will focus on innovation of the performing art in this changing world, innovation of the tradition of oral storytelling and the role of tradition in renewing the art.
Festa dos Contos Festival da Palavra Importance of the Word
Festival Ahoz- Aho A storytelling festival which aim is to highlight and promote the Basque oral tradition. Also, they want to be a meeting point for storytellers and to train new vasque artists.
Festival Atlántica International Storytelling Festival with storytelling performances, workshops and lectures held in several towns in Galicia.Oral narration and traditional expressions linked to orality (songs, chants, etc.). The Atlantic identity always stands out.
Festival Contes d'automne For three weeks, from town to town, the Contes d'automne festival invites spectators to discover tales from all horizons.
Festival Contes et rencontres Contes et Rencontres was one of the first storytelling festivals created in France and is rooted in a long tradition of popular education.
Festival de Contes de Stavelot Contes et Légendes à Stavelot organises events related to regional and other tales. The Festival has not existed since 2014 (17th and last edition), but the association continues to organise regular storytelling walks, storytelling aperitifs and storytelling evenings.
Festival de contes Vos Oreilles Ont La Parole (VOOLP) This festival was born out of the dual desire to promote the arts of storytelling and orality, and to ensure their dissemination through quality shows throughout Alsace, including in small towns.
Festival de Narradores Orales de El Espinar Three days of outdoor storytelling with sessions for adults and children.
Festival de Narradores Orales de Segovia Segovia has been celebrating this festival to enjoy the spoken words for 23 years.
Festival della Fiaba Un Festival che affonda le sue radici nel tempo e nello spazio, un appuntamento che abbatta le frontiere fra le discipline, un’occasione che a sua volta diventi una via per aprire il pensiero, per suscitare domande, per incontrarsi.
Festival du conte de Baden The Baden Storytelling Festival has been bringing the oral tradition of Brittany and the world to life since 1997.
Festival Eperluette Storytelling and music festival with seven shows for all ages.
Festival Etnosur Cultural festival thath specially promote musice, literatura and oral storytelling
Festival Grande marée Since 1999, ADAO has been organising the storytelling festival in Brest and its region, which became Grande marée in 2005.
FESTIVAL HET TUSSENLAND Het Tussenland is a festival rooted in the cultural heritage of its region and features performances of storytelling, music, circus and dance.
Festival Intercultural de Narración Oral de Sevilla (FINOS) Festival with storytelling and workshops. They look for integration of different cultures through oral storytelling
Festival interculturel du conte de Chiny Since 1990, a storytellers' festival has been held every year, bringing together storytelling lovers from all the continents where the French-speaking world is present. Over the years, around the festival, activities have multiplied, giving Chiny, the ancient city of counts, an image of a city of tales.
Festival Internacional del Cuento de Los Silos Ibero-American storytelling festival with a special focus on training in oral storytelling
Festival international du conte de Landcommanderij Alden Biesen During this Storytelling Festival, an international group of 35 professional storytellers share with you their own stories, stories by other authors or tales from popular tradition. It is the largest storytelling festival in Europe.
Festival Les Rêveurs éveillés Les Rêveurs éveillés is an event for children aged 2 to 7 during which the Sevran town hall offers a programme of stories, theatre and puppets.
Festival Ma parole ! Ma parole is a festival of stories, tales and music organised by the Calvados library.
Festival Mythos The Mythos festival is an urban festival that defends the Word in all its forms (storytelling, theatre, myth, song, poetry) and in their contemporary dimension.
Festival paroles au solstice International festival with performances for all ages from 1 year old, workshops, training and an exhibition. The companies are from Belgium, France, Portugal and Quebec.
Festival paroles d'hommes (Bruxelles ça cote !) The Paroles d'Hommes Festival promotes the values of democracy and defends the rights of humans and peoples. Its objective is to promote these values through artistic and cultural actions in an educational approach.
Festival Paroles de résistance Paroles de résistance is based on an infinite number of questions and forms. Texts, songs, images, tastes, and also words. To address the question of territories beyond our sight. Beyond what we accept as visible. Finally, limits, edges, accidents, cracks, mounts, hollows... They will be the reliefs that will draw the map of the festival. Not the map of the heart, which is indeed infinite.
Festival Petite marée Petite marée is the little brother of the Grande marée festival and is a storytelling festival for young audiences organised by ADAO.
Festival Rokkas The goal is that the Rokka Festivals establish themselves as a long-term action, highlighting the place, creating a network of collaborations, planning the infrastructures in the villages that can transform into stable cultural places, giving impetus to children and young people to engage with the arts
Festival Sete Falares. Encontro Internacional de Contadores de historias International storytelling festival, in unique places all around the city, for adults with the contribution of national and international professional storytellers for the promotion of Galician and Portuguese (lusofonia) language and culture.
Festival Traverse FESTIVAL ITINÉRANT DES ARTS DE LA PAROLE EN HAUT VAL DE SÈVRE Located in the south of the Deux-Sèvres (79), this festival with a singular identity invests the arts of speech in a rural environment under the artistic direction of the company La Voltige.
Festival Ziv Zup When fish are jumping up the widest waterfall in Europe – that on the Venta river near Kuld?ga, and the town festival is taking place. The winners of fishermen contest donate fish, then on a bonfire the fish soup is cooked, of which anybody can earn a bowl – by telling a story. The festival has a good publicity, for instance in 2008 there was one and a half
Festivalul Na?ional al Ou?lor Încondeiate The National Easter Eggs Festival takes place every year, during two days and it’s dedicated to the art of egg decoration. Taking place in Ciocanesti, the village of the Painted Eggs Museum, the festival is an opportunity for local and international artists to display their talent in decorating Easter eggs. The event includes an international competition, a local artisans’ market, a fair of decorated eggs and a concert of traditional music.
Festiwal opowiadania International storytelling festival
Fêtes du conte de St-Quentin-en-Yvelines The storytelling festival in St-Quentin-en-Yvelines is an event open to all which offers a story writing competition.
Feuermond a series of storytelling evenings that takes place every July in Innsbruck
Flow, festival des arts de la parole Organised by the Théâtre de sources, Flow is a week-long programme dedicated to the spoken word and storytellers.
Fortællefestival Vestijylland Vestjyske Fortællespor organises this traditional festival with about 30 storytellers at the property of Nørre Vosborg.
Fraga T Cuenta International Storytelling Festival with storytelling performances in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and official Languages os Spain
Gare aux mots Gare aux Mots is a professional day that puts storytelling artists in the spotlight.
Glens Storytelling Festival The Glens Storytelling Festival offers five days of storytelling and music programming to bring the cultural traditions of the Glens of Antrim to life.
Grand Dire festival An annual event that mobilises the whole of the Chevilly-Larue area around storytelling. Supported by various local actors, the Grand Dire Festival offers a programme for all ages with shows, films, exhibitions, professional days and workshops.
H.C. ANDERSEN FESTIVALS Festival with more than 500 activities of art, theatre, dance, music, street performances... related to the works of Hans Christian Andersen.
Hetedhét Hatvan Népmesefesztivál A festival of traditional oral storytelling and related folk arts
International Festival of Humour and Satire International Festival of Comedy Performance
ISTORIJ? FESTIVAL? (Utena) ,Festival of Stories“ Utena Culture Center invites you to watch on its Facebook account from March 2 to April 2. I Festival of stories dedicated to the 760th anniversary of the city of Utena, with stories and travel films about the Utena region. (Fte: Ministerio cultura)
Istorij? festivalis, Kaunas 2022 , programos „Atminties biuras“ ; CityTelling Festival (2021 10 7-9) The CityTelling Festival started in October 2019 and it is one of the biggest events of the Kaunas 2022 program "Memory Office". The initiative unites storytellers: museologists, theatre and other artists, individual history enthusiasts, professional storytellers, local community activists, and others. Istorij? festivalis yra vienas iš didži?j? Kaunas 2022 programos „Atminties biuras“ rengini?.
Junii Brasovului Parade Junii Brasovului Parade is held on the first Sunday after Easter and is an event marking the revival of nature and the beginning of spring, but also a celebration of the new year of the Dacians, Romania’s ancestors. Junii are young people who used to reside in the Schei neighbourhood, where the medieval Romanians lived when they were not allowed to dwell inside Brasov’s citadel. Today, the festival re-enacts the juni descending from the mountains on their horses, wearing traditional clothes and carrying batons, sceptres and flags. They are spread in seven groups, each having its own costumes and approaching from a different quarter of the Schei district.
Kolibrí Festivaali Kolibrí is a festival where you can experience the diversity and multilingualism of contemporary Finnish childhoods. Every autumn, during the last week of September, we offer an artistic, cultural, recreational and educational programme free of charge for all families. It includes storytelling
Koloto? p?íb?h? International storytelling festival
Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival Folk dancers, singers, instrument performers and story tellers from all over the country converge here for the occasion. The festival is held in Voyvodenets area. It is a competitive event where all participants perform traditional songs, dances or rituals from their area of origin,
L'écho des mots L'écho des mots, a storytelling festival born from the meeting between Stéphane Bernard and Olivier Sessa, and their desire to create a cultural and festive event for families.
L'Eventuel festival L'Eventuel Festival is a storytelling experience from early morning to late evening.
La bèl parole La Bèl Parole was born out of the desire to accompany Reunionese storytellers towards professionalization by giving them the opportunity to confront the creation of the stage and to tell stories beyond their borders.
La charrette aux merveilles Festival of words, tales and stories in the Morlaix region.
La Luna e i calanchi Every year in a weekend in May Reggionarra transforms Reggio Emilia into the "city of stories": professional storytellers and theater companies, together with parents in the role of storytellers, animate different places that become narrative spaces dedicated to listening to stories, fables and animated readings. The narration returns as the protagonist in a community experience in which people, as in the squares of the past, meet to exchange stories and tales, transforming squares and courtyards, schools and arcades, cloisters and libraries, into small or large stages of narrated life.
La Nave de los Cuentos Storyteling on multiple on diverse topics for kids
La Vallée des contes Initiated by Gérard Leser, this festival of tales and legends from Alsace and the Munster Valley takes place in the 15 villages of the Valley.
Lacher d'oreilles Lâcher d'oreilles is a festival of stories and songs for young audiences in the Lyon region.
Las Rapatonadas Festival of storytelling and orality around the Occitan culture and its heritage !
Le 10 du mois An evening of storytelling in the city every 10th of the month.
Le 7 du mois On the 7th of each month, the Théâtre à Denis becomes a lodge for storytellers. They meet for an "open stage" evening.
LE FESTIVAL DES ARTS DE LA PAROLE« TANT DE PAROLES » Festival of the arts of speech, organised by the town of Fourchambault.
Le Légendaire festival Les Rencontres du Légendaire A festival of tales and legends with a mission of cultural and artistic action in the community, promoting access to the oral and written literary heritage.
Les Contes givrés Frosted Tales is a festival of stories, tales and short stories that takes place in autumn.
Les Miniscules - Festival jeune public Storytelling festival dedicated to young audiences in the Lille metropolitan area.
Les Zapéro-contes Bruxelles The "Zapéro-contes Brussels" has become the most important open stage for storytellers in the capital. These evenings bring together professional and emerging storytellers, each of whom has 10 minutes on stage. These aperitifs are orchestrated by Dominique Brynaert.
Les Zapéros-contes Charleroi The Zapéro-contes in Charleroi is an open stage for storytellers, where 8 to 10 storytellers take turns on stage for 10 minutes. These evenings are hosted by France Decooman, Pascale Pezzoti and Ahmed Hafiz.
Ljungby Storytelling Festival We run the Museum of Legends which has many activities aimed at both the public and schools. Every year we organize the Ljungby Storytelling Festival, where about 50 storytellers from all over the world come to tell their best stories.
Malta International Folk Festival The purpose of the event is to ensure that the different folk traditions meet in Malta, making foreign groups aware of the Maltese folk tradition, for a mutual cultural exchange and enrichment.
Mammabäver Örsundsbro storytelling festival
Maratón de Cuentos A storytelling marathon day with complementary activities around therory and practice of storytelling. 12 uninterrupted hours of storytelling. The stage of the theatre is free to use for any person who want to tell a story, from children to elderly.
Maratón de Cuentos Biblioteca Insular de Canaraias An oral narrative activitythat encourages citizen participation of everyone who wants and has something to tell: boys and girls, young people, adults, figures from public life, oral narrative professionals, associations and organizations of any kind, etc.
Maratón de los Cuentos 46 uninterrupted hours of storytelling. Participants are both professionals and amateurs
Medieval Mdina 2022 Relives the medieval period between 1200 and 1500 AD with pageants and the re-enactments of
Mickel Prize The storytelling network of Kronoberg hand out the Mickel Prize with which we pay attention to someone who has made great efforts to preserve oral tradition.
Milk and cookies story Milk and Cookies is an open stage for amateur and professional storytellers.
Mix up To mark International Storytelling Day, the Théâtre de Belleville and Anis Gras are joining forces with Abbi Patrix's Compagnie du Cercle to stage this festival of world tales.
Mythische Marathon At the beginning of its season, the Verhalenfontein Foundation organises an oral marathon, where everyone can come and tell a 20-minute story.
MythOff A series of myth-telling events at various venues, aimed at adult audiences
Nemia fetsival The Nemia Festival is a storytelling festival for children aged 4 to 12. A cultural education project of Onderwijsroute &JIJ and the Foundation Zwolle Unlimited, in cooperation with the Teachers' College in Windesheim.
Noche de Cuentos Storytelling festival with sessions for adults and children, with a different theme each year
Nouvelles du conte Nouvelles du conte is a festival that aims to develop amateur practice and promote young storytellers in order to create social links between the inhabitants of the region and elsewhere.
Nuotykiai t?siasi,The adventure continues!, La aventura continúa Festivalis vaikams, Children's and youth literature festival "Adventure continues!" LITERATURE AND ARTS FESTIVAL FOR THE WHOLE FAMILYThe open-air festival of literature, arts and summer entertainment for families "Adventures continue!" is held annually in summer, in the beautiful Dainuva Valley of Anykš?iai. It’s a real fiesta of literature, theater, sports, music, moving images and summer entertainment.
Ogulinski Festival Bajke / Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival (OGFB) an international storytelling festival
Palabrage Since 2004, Palabrage is a storytelling event at the foot of the palaver tree where evenings and storytelling aperitifs, exhibitions and conferences are held in the Vaunage.
Palabras al vuelo Festival that vindicates storytelling as a performing discipline and supports storytellers from the Canary Islands.
Palavras Andarilhas Importance of the Word and the storytelling
Paroles de conteursFestival Interculturel du Conte en Aquitaine Located around Lake Vassivière, the Vassivière Festival is a resource for storytelling with a rich programme of performances, training and workshops.
Paroles en Festival This travelling festival offers a programme of storytelling, slam and storytelling walks in various municipalities.
Passa a palavra:Festa dos Oficios do Narrar Short Stories, Music, Literature, Poetry, Puppets, Exhibitions, Book’s fair, Street Theatre, Conferences, Cinema
Príbehom na stope (Story hunters) International storytelling festival
Récits sans frontières, Festival intercommuncal des arts du récits Récits sans frontières is a festival that highlights the arts of storytelling from around the world.
Reggionarra: La Notte dei Racconti The Night of Tales: all together, all at the same time, adults and children around stories, adventures and emotions to read, narrate and listen to. From Reggio Emilia an invitation to Italy, to Europe, to the World, to rediscover the value and magic of the story, in a multiplication of voices that like stars will light up The Night of Stories. This year (2022)the theme of the night of tales is: Waiting Lanterns
ReGGIONARRA: lettere dall'Universo Reggionarra is a cultural project dedicated to the art of storytelling, born in 2006 as part of the Institution of Schools and Kindergartens of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and Reggio Children, in collaboration with various public and private cultural institutions in the area. Inspired by the belief that every person has that natural talent to tell that transforms every little daily event into an extraordinary experience of life, Reggionarra develops throughout the year with different appointments: training courses for parents, narrative moments in schools or during public events, the Night of Tales in February, on the occasion of the birthday of Loris Malaguzzi, pedagogist, creator of the Reggio Approach and, in spring, the event that involves the whole city.
Rio de Contos A day dedicated to oral narration, a river of tales to surf, narrators and listeners of the magical universe of stories. Don't miss this trip and the possibility to listen to a range of professional narrators who captivate us with their art of counting.
Ritmu Festival Typical scenes, battles and traditions.
Rokiškis Classical Music Festival Rokiškis Classical Music Festival unites classical music and storytelling. 2020 Sunday, November 29, 12:00 p.m., Zoom platform. Musical stories for children and non-children: DANCING KEYS. Participants: Milda Varnauskait? (storyteller) / Simona Zajan?auskait? (piano). Professional storyteller Milda Varnauskait? (aka Storyteller Milda) and pianist Simona Zajan?auskait? will invite everyone on a musical interactive journey through the world of stories. You will meet a wide range of fantastic heroes and get to know the dancing piano! What pranks he will play - you will find out when you come to this musical meeting! Duration 50 min. Recommended for children 6-12 years and (in) children of all ages.
Rozpráva?ské Lodno Festival of traditional storytelling
Rumeurs Urbaines Under the impulse of the Cie Le temps de vivre, Rumeurs Urbaines is a storytelling and storytelling arts factory with its site outings and shows.
Samova Storytelling Samova Storytelling is a magical festival that promotes the art of storytelling in all its different forms.
Slieve Bloom Storytelling Festival The Slieve Bloom Storytelling Festival brings Fionn MacCumhaill's country to life with tales and legends for a week.
Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival is a storytelling festival renowned for its ability to bring together storytellers from Ireland and around the world around the folklore of Sneem.
Storying festival an international storytelling festival
StorySlam Oral narration contest
Storyteller Contest The rules of the contest provide every entrant with five minutes of time during which one must introduce oneself (name, age and location represented), and then tell: a folk-tale, a story of a real-life event, and an anecdote.
Storytelling inthe streets In September 2010, within the framework of the art project “White Night”, the project was implemented. On a street in R?ga (Ernesta Birznieka-Up?ša iela), foreight consecutive evening, people gathered for two hours telling their stories. There were 3 with “story menus” available from the invited storytellers. There were 3 to 4little tables with “story menus” available from the invited storytellers.Young people –volunteers of the project – invited passers-by to stop and spend some time with the stories.
Storytelling u ohn? storytelling around the fire
Storytime in Libraries In collaboration with the UNESCO National committee, in 2009 this project started in five regions of Latvia, with participation of eighty libraries. A UNESCO Story librarynetwork was created, with participation of 19 libraries willing to continue storytelling. TheProject envisages development of storytelling and storytelling event organisation (not only forthe children as the audience and narrators, but also the adults), development of skills for librarians and will attempt tofind the "market” for the storytellers. The project offers itsexperience to the network of the public libraries . Joint events are only organised 2 – 3 times a year.
Surva Festival nternational Festival of the Masquerade Games
T??nia Marze? (The Dream Tower) Storytelling festival
Tarptautinis pasakojimo festivalis SEKAS: International Storytelling festival SEKAS International Storytelling festival
Tenx9 Tenx9 organises evenings where the principle is to bring together nine people who will each have ten minutes to tell a true story from their lives.
The Gab mixtape Monthly storytelling and song evenings organised by a community of storytellers.
The Pan Celtic International Festival The Pan Celtic Festival is a major festival in that it promotes and brings together Celtic culture and folklore. Its programme brings together dancers, musicians and storytellers from different Celtic countries (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man).
The Stockholm Storytelling Championship The Stockholm Storytelling Championship is a playful competition with the public as judge. The contest takes place every year, on a spring afternoon at the City Museum. The winner then competes in the Swedish Championships.
The Umeå Storytelling Championship a regional storytelling competition where the winner will compete for the Swedish Championship title in Stockholm, is finally taking place.
Tiroler Sagen & Märchenfestival A series of events where traditional Tyrolean fairy tales and stories are told
Tramb Bike Prize Life in Sweden awards the prize
Úbeda se Cuenta Season of storytelling for adults and kids with the contribution of national and international professional storytellers
Verano de Cuento Oral storytelling festival. It has received two consecutive years the Remarkable Festival label from Europe for Festival. Festivals for Europe(EFFE).
Verhalen in de wind The biennial storytelling festival "Verhalen in de wind" is a festival where storytellers go from house to house to tell stories.
Viernes de los Cuentos Season of storytelling for adults with the contribution of national and international professional storytellers
We love stories international storytelling and performing arts festival that takes place in Chania, Crete. Through literature, visual, and performing arts we share stories and folk tales from different parts of the world with the participation of international artists.?
Wereldverteldag World Storytelling Day organised by the Stichting Vertellen and bringing together amateur and professional storytellers.
Wörderner Raunachtserzählen A storytelling event that takes place during the evenings between Christmas and Epiphany
YARN Storytelling Festival Bray YARN Storytelling Festival Bray is a storytelling festival that aims to open up storytelling to an audience that is not used to hearing stories.
?achtický hrad Slovakia Famous legend of the bloody countess Elizabeth Báthory.
Tarxien Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
?eský Krumlov Castle; Dlouhá street, etc. Czech Republic There are lots of legends linked to the town: the White Lady of the Castle; the miracolous healer called Annabella who lived in Dlouhá street; the legend of stone brothers; about vodníks (water spirits) and dwarves
Old Town ?ur?evac (Stari Grad ?ur?evac) Croatia Due to the legend of the roosters (legenda o picokima) from the times of the defense of the town from the Ottoman Turks
Ayia Napa monastery Cyprus Foundation Myth
Amathous (???????) Cyprus Foundation Myth
"Muretto" di Alassio , Corso Dante Alighieri Italy Alassio city of love and lovers, "Il Muretto"
Castle of Aljezur (Castelo de Aljezur) Portugal Legendary site connected with historical characters
Fairy Tale House
The city of Giants Belgium
Acropolis Greece a key symbol of the Greek legacy and of the glories of Classical Greece
Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) Portugal Legendary site connected with historical characters
Bran Castle Romania claimed connection between the castle and the Dracula legend
Cradle of the tale of the musicians of the city of Bremen, intelligent animals that outwitted the thieves.
Manekken pice Belgium Symbols of Brussels and Belgium. Suspicions about its origins, therefore full of legends.
Nasreddine Hodja à Dos d' Ane Belgium
San Fruttuoso Italy San Fruttuoso e il Drago
Charleroi Belgium
Chiny Belgium Real city policy on storytelling, intercultural festival, other places, image of the city Chiny: city of stories.
Conimbriga Portugal Legendary site connected with historical characters
Hans Christian Andersens Boulevard Denmark Author of stories
Hans Christian Andersens Denmark Author of stories
Mermaid by Anne Marie Carl Nielsen = Sirenita Denmark Based on the Little Mermaid fairy tale
Den Lille Havfrue = Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen = La Sirenita Denmark Based on the Little Mermaid fairy tale
Den Genetisk Modificerede Lille Havfrue af Bjørn Nørgaard Denmark Based on the Little Mermaid fairy tale
Agnete og Havmanden = Agnete and the merman = [Agnes and the newt] Denmark Legend that inspired HC Andersen
Døden og moderen=Historien om en moder = Historia de una madre Denmark Based on the story of The Mother
The Tivoli Gardens Denmark Place where Hans Christian Andersen's "The Nightingale" (Nattergalen) was written.
Gefionspringvandet =Gefion Fountain Denmark Based on one from antiquity about the goddess Gefion
[Casa donde vivió H.C. Andersen) Denmark House where Hans Christian Andersen lived
[Location where H.C. Andersen died) Denmark Memorial plaque at Rolighed cottage, where HC Andersen died in 1875
Kongens Have =The King's Gardens Denmark Gardens where the sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen is located.
H. C. Andersens gravsted (Assistens Kirkegård) = [The tomb of H.C. Andersens) Denmark Hans Christian Andersen's grave at Assistens Cemetery
Curtea de Arge? monastery Romania legends linked to Me?terul Manole and Negru Vod?
Veliki Tabor Castle Croatia Veronika and Frederick's tragic love story, which has been an inspiration for numerous literary creations. There is a festival and a poetry award named after Veronika as well.
La cité des géants France The city of Douai is nicknamed the city of giants in reference to Gayant, its giant. His honor is celebrated every year with a festival that is part of the city's folklore and UNESCO's intangible heritage.
Den Lille Havfrues Denmark Based on the Little Mermaid fairy tale
ELEUSIS Greece site of the Eleusinian Mysteries
Salamis (????????) Cyprus Related to Ancient greek mythology / Iliad
Den Lille Pige Med Svovlstikkerne = [The Little Match Girl, The Little Match Girl, The Little Match Girl or Anita's Christmas Eve ] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Girl with the Matches / Hans Christian Andersen's
Gy?r castle Hungary Local historical legends
The town of Hamelin is reminiscent of the German folk tale of the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper was a rat-hunter who lured the children of the town never to see them again. Here you can visit the rat hunter's house and take a tour of the old Glocke
[Memorial de Evald Tang Kristensen] Denmark Commemorative stone and boot sculpture by compiler Evald Tang Christiensen
Holtug på Grønningen Denmark Park with a wooden sculpture of the legendary character Klintekongen = (Cliff King) = The King of the Cliffs
Castelul Huniazilor / Hunyadi Castle Romania The legend of the well
Efteling : world of wonders Netherlands This amusement park features tales and legends from Europe. Designed by Anton Pieck, this park has helped the town of Kaatsheuvel to attract many tourists. It has won numerous awards.
Forti Rika?li (Fort Ricasoli) MALTA Fort Ricasoli is said to be inhabited by the il-Hares, a ghostly creature Lithuania Kaunas is European City of Culture 2022, ISTORIJ? FESTIVAL?S (2021 10 7-9) Kaunas 2022, Europos Kulturos sostine, The CityTelling Festival started in October 2019 and it is one of the biggest events of the Kaunas 2022 program "Memory Office"
Wawel Royal Castle Poland Due to the myth of the dragon of Wawel, slain by a Polish prince Krakus who founded the city according to the legend). And moreover, Kraków is officially approved as a UNESCO City of Literature
Wanda Mound (Kopiec Wandy) Poland Due to the legend of a princess Wanda who did not want to merry a German prince and decided to suicide herself in order to avoid an unwanted marriage
Saint Hilarion Castle Cyprus Foundation Myth
Liège Belgium
Museum of legends Sweden The Museum of Legends is a small museum dedicated to oral history, fairy tales and folklore
Castle of Lousã (Castelo da Lousã) Portugal Legendary site connected with historical characters
Louvain, la danse des chats Louvain Belgium The legend of the Leuven cat dance.
Luxembourg-city Luxembourg The fairy Melusine: symbol of the city of Luxembourg
Ta' ?a?rat Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
Skorba Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
The Grimm brothers both attended the University of Marburg, where they developed a curiosity for German folklore and devoted their lives to collecting German folk tales. Marburg Castle is thought to have inspired another popular fairy tale, Cinderell
Triq Il Wilga MALTA Hundreds of Osiris eyes bear witness to the passage of time in Marsaxlokk, where you won't find a traditional boat (the luzzu) without these eyes on its wooden hull
Kópakonan Denmark Danish legend :
H.C. Andersens Eventyrhave Denmark Park containing the sculptures of HC Andersen's fairy tales: Thumbelina, The Lighthouse, The Princess in the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Pig Boy and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.
Evald Tang Kristensens Plads Denmark Tribute square to compiler Evald Tang Christiensen
Mycenae Greece
Cheval de Bayard Belgium
Isola di Megaride Italy The origin of the foundation of Naples is linked to very ancient myths and tales. Neapolis, founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC. C. and undisputed pearl of the Mediterranean, is linked to the legend of the Parthenope Siren. We must turn the h
The Hans Christian Andersen Statue in the Fairy Tale Garden Denmark Han Christian Andersen's sculpture of the writer Han Christian Andersen.
Hans Christian Andersen on a bench Denmark Han Christian Andersen's sculpture
Tommelise = [Thumbelina] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: Thumbelina / Hans Christian Andersen's
Den standhaftige tinsoldat = [The Steadfast Tin soldier] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Little Tin Soldier / Hans Christian Andersen's
Konen med æggene = [The Woman with the Eggs] Denmark Based on the fairy tale : The Woman with the Eggs / Hans Christian Andersen's
Stoppenålen =[The Darning Needle] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Darning Needle / Hans Christian Andersen's
Hyrdinden og Skorstensfejeren =[The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Little Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep / Hans Christian Andersen's
Skrubtudsen =[The Toad] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Toad / Hans Christian Andersen's
Kejserens Nye Klæder - eventyrskulptur = [The Emperor's New Clothes] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Emperor's New Clothes/ Hans Christian Andersen's
Havhesten =[The Sea Horse] Denmark Based on the story: Agnete og Havmanden
De vilde svaner =[The Wild Swans] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Wild Swans / Hans Christian Andersen's
Sommerfuglene = [The Butterflies in the lake] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: Thumbelina / Hans Christian Andersen's
Papirbåden = [The Paper Boat] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Little Tin Soldier / Hans Christian Andersen's
The Trinity - The Shadow, The Traveling Companion and The Improvisatore Denmark Writer Han Christian Anderse's sculpture with characters from his stories.
Den Flyvende Kuffert = [The Flying Trunk] Denmark Based on the fairy tale: The Flying Chest / Hans Christian Andersen's
Den lille havfrue = [The little Mermaid] Denmark Based on the fairy tale:The Little Mermaid / Hans Christian Andersen's
H.C. Andersens Barndomshjem i Munkemøllestræde Denmark Hans Christian Andersen's house where he lived from the age of 2 to 14
H.C. Andersens Fødehjem Denmark Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace from 2 to 14 years of age
Ogulin Croatia A place where Ivana Brli?-Mažurani?, a famous fairy-tales Croatian writer was born. Every year, in June, an international festival of Ogulin fairytales (OGFB) is held; as well as various creative workshops and storytelling throughout the year which d
Sarmizegetusa Regia Romania Linked to Decebalus Treasure and Dacian history
DELPHI Greece sacred precinct that served as the seat of Pythia, the major oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout the ancient classical world
Castle of Pombal Portugal Legendary site connected with historical characters
Nombril du monde France The village of Pougne-Hérisson integrates storytelling into its cultural project with the creation of the Navel of the World. This place is a lever for development and conservation, making this territory a place of stories.
Jewish quarter Czech Republic The legend of Golem takes place here
?a?ar Qim Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
Mnajdra Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
?al Saflieni Hypogeum MALTA Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
Cetatea Râ?nov / Râ?nov Fortress Romania The legend of the well
Mindesten for Evald Tang Kristensen Denmark Tombstone of the compiler Evald Tang Christiensen
Cimitirul Vesel Romania Cimitirul Vesel-Cimitero Allegro - Cementerio Alegro it has the particularity of having its tombs decorated with wooden funerary stems painted in bright colors in naïve-Balkan style: each of them represents a scene of the life, activity or causes of
Sleeping Beauty castle
Fountain of the Idol (Fonte do Ídolo) Portugal Lusitanian mythology
The Schwalm is considered the birthplace of some of the most popular fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood. Discover the fairy tale costumes of the Schwalm region in the Schwalm Museum in Schwalmstadt-Ziegenhain. The museum also exhibits histor
Buskett Gardens MALTA Related to the Mnarja celebrations
Bibliotekshaven Denmark Children's literature playground
Unna Musical Theatre Sweden Musikteater Unna performs minimal music and storytelling performances with a stage narrator and a musician on stage. With storytelling, narrative music and design, they create epic stories with a clear commitment to society.
The Little Lady of Stavoren Netherlands This statue refers to the legend about the birth of the Stavoren sandbanks. Once a very active port, the arrival of the sandbanks led to the decline of the town, which could no longer be reached by ships.
Junibacken museum (1996) Sweden Cultural center dedicated to children's literature
Tellaro Italy Gulf of poets (Mary e Percy Bysshe Shelley; Lawrence; Arnold Böcklin; Henry Jaes, Charles Tolinson, Virginia Wolf; Mario Soldati, Attilio Bertolucci, Giovanni Giudici, Eugenio Montale
Tihany Hungary Local legends
The Little Mermaid statue [replica] Denmark Based on the Little Mermaid fairy tale
Saint Stephen's Cathedral Austria A legend of the weathercock on Saint Stephen's Cathedral
Lithuanian Institute of Literature and Folklore = LIETUVI? LITERAT?ROSIR TAUTOSAKOSINSTITUTAS Lithuania
Astrid Lindgrens Värld Sweden Astrid Lindgren's World is an enchanting theme park dedicated to the characters of the writer Astrid Lindgren, including the famous redhead Pippi Longstocking .
The Monster of Morbach
?gantija MALTA Related to Malta ancient hystory and the myth of Atlantis
Pantano de Garaio, Cascada de Gujuli y Mundaka Spain For their stories of lamias, beautiful women with long blonde hair and duck feet, who appear in places of fresh water, marshes, rivers and bridges. They like to comb their hair with golden combs. If they are stolen, they are furious. One of them got
The Stone Forest (?????? ??????) Bulgaria mysterious and impressive group of natural rock formations, mostly columns. Legend has it that the pillars are the petrified bodies of giants who once guarded the seashore. When an immortal young man fell in love with the giant leader's bride-to
Puig de Randa Spain An old legend says: "Puig de Randa is hollow inside and is supported by three golden columns: Two of these columns have collapsed and only one is left standing. If this column falls, Puig de Randa will fall and with it will drag Mallorca down wi
Ameland Netherlands Ameland is a place that inspires storytellers and where stories flow. Several events in honour of storytelling take place in different villages on the island, including the Expeditie Ameland festival.
Cueva de Amboto (Mariurrika Kobea) Spain The legend explains that the Lady of Amboto personified mother earth, in this case a beautiful woman. She lived in the Basque mountains and changed her home every seven years. She would be in charge of bringing good and bad weather from one place to
Pont du diable France Nicknamed the Bridge of the Black Abyss, the Devil's Bridge is one of the oldest medieval bridges. It is classified as a historical monument and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its name "devil" originates from a legend.
Lago de Banyoles (Lago de Bañolas) Spain Legend about the creation of the lake, with the farmer Morgat and about a monster that comes out of its depths. Also about strange shipwrecks in the lake.
Ghar Hasan Malta Legendary origin
Living Water Spring zmey locations
Minnewater Belgium Several legends about this lake.
Babele Romania Related to Baba Dochia mytological figure
Su Sterru - Voragine di Golgo Italy This time we move to the central-eastern part of Sardinia, more precisely to Bunei, in the province of Nuoro, to track down a particularly interesting creature that lives in the heart of Sardinian folklore. Coming from the demonic world, the dragon S
Logroño, Navarrete, Nájera, Santo Domingo de la Calzada Spain As it passes through La Rioja, the Way contains references to oral tradition: legends, romances, tales and stories. Local councils in La Rioja have already seen the opportunity to organise cultural routes to tell these stories.
Las Hurdes Spain Carnival based on mythological beings, with precious mythological characters. The elders have taken care to keep alive the legends, myths, songs and even the superstitions that distinguish the villages of Las Hurdes and that come to light during the
Menhirs de Carnac France Classified as a historical monument and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the igniment of the Carnac menhirs has sucite many legends of Breton folklore.
Triangle de la Burle France The mystery of the disappearance of about 70 planes that allegedly crashed there has sucioté many legends and rumors inspired by those of the Bermuda Triangle.
P?durea Hoia Romania According to legend, the Hoia Forest is a hotspot of paranormal phenomena. Many ghost stories and urban legends contribute to its popularity
Eventyrstien Denmark A park with several fairytale sculptures. They have QR that gives access to audios where they tell their stories.
Baztan-Bidasoa Spain Feel the forest', a book published by the Baztan-Bidasoa tourism association, is a proposal to get to know and feel Baztan-Bidasoa in a different way. This project combines natural and cultural resources (popular stories, mythology, beliefs...).
Galicia Spain Galicia itself is a fairytale place; there are stories and legends in every corner. Just take a look at the website, coordinated by Antonio Reigosa. In addition, Santiago de Compostela is a point for the confluence of culture
La Lienne Belgium The Sienna Fairy
Barranco de Badajoz Spain Many legends and stories of strange occurrences have arisen around the ravine. The testimonies include appearances of angelic beings, having experienced various paranormal phenomena, sightings of lights, various entities or UFOs, and even vestiges of
Dyavolsko Gurlo (???????? ?????) / the Devil’s Throat Bulgaria legend has it that Orpheus descended through this impressive underworld to the kingdom of Hades in search of his stolen bride, Evredika (Eurydice). Orpheus was supposedly born in the Rhodopi Mountains.
Elverhøj = (The elf hill) Denmark Hill with several legends. It inspired HC Andersen for the fairy tale The Elf Mound.
Gisselfeld Kloster Denmark Inspired HC Andersen's story "The Ugly Duckling".
Knossos Greece Minosses's palace and Minotaur's labyrinth
Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar Spain A surprising place placed in the Aralar mountain range, it is a sanctuary where you can see the chains of Saint Michael, chains that Teodosio de Goñi wore as a penance, and which Saint Michael released when the dragon of Mount Aralar appeared.
Brudberget Sweden Stone associated with legends
Kärringberget Sweden Stone associated with legends
Velni? muziejus, žmuidzinavi?ius museum, Devil Museum Lithuania The Devils’ Museum stores about 3000 horned exhibits from all over the world: pieces of visual arts and crafts, souvenirs, masks.
Adonis Baths Cyprus Greek mythology
Aphrodite's Rock / Petra tou Romiou Cyprus Related to Greek mythology and Byzantineepic poem Digenes Akritas
Waterfall Ventas Rumba Latvia Multiple legends seek to explain the formation of the Venta Rapid Waterfall
Pentadaktylos ( ????????????? / Be?parmak) Legends about the Pentadactylos mountains
Cape Sunion Greece Legend has it that Cape Sounion is where the king of Athens, Aegeus, jumped off of the cliff in despair upon learning of his son, Theseus’, supposed death.
The seven hills of Lisbon Portugal Leged about city foundation
El Puig de ses Bruixes Spain According to legend, the inhabitants of the area suffered attacks and constant jokes from the witches who lived there. King James had a cross installed at the top and the witches disappeared.
Blaník Czech Republic There is a famous legend that says that there is an army of knights resting inside the mountain waiting for the Czech nation to be at worst. The commander of the army is said to be the patron saint of Czechia, St. Wenceslaus.
Venta de Piqueras Spain Oral narration and traditional music are used to explain the life and working conditions of the transhumant shepherds who made the journey between Extremadura and La Rioja.
Land of Legends Sweden
Salto de la Novia Spain This is the location of the legend of El Salto de la novia:
Baths Of Aphrodite (?????? ??? ?????????) Cyprus Greek mythology
Ragan? kalnas, Hill of Witches, Colina de las Brujas Lithuania Most of the figures are based on Lithuanian legends or folk tales.
Kadin Most (????? ????) Bulgaria legend about how the bridge came to be
Ochate Spain Abandoned cursed village where stories of UFOs, epidemics, disappearances, psychophonies... complete a past of horrors.
Eventyrhaven = [The Fairy Tale Garden] Denmark Park with several sculptures based on fairy tales
Por?ile de Fier / Iron Gates Romania The Roman emperor Trajan built the legendary bridge erected by Apollodorus of Damascus
Fôret de Brocéliande France Mythical forest and famous for being enchanted, especially according to the legend of King Arthur.
Avakas Gorge (??????? ?????) Cyprus Dragon's legend
village of Pirin Bulgaria zmey locations
Pirineos Spain Its landscape and wild animals, such as bears, have inspired legends, tales and Pyrenean folklore.
La Basa de la Mora Spain Legend tells that the spirit of a Muslim woman who was lost in these mountains fleeing from the fights between Moors and Christians, and her ghost was imprisoned in this Ibón, although not everyone can see it. Every dawn on the day of San Juan, those
Praia da Rocha Portugal Local legends about the name
Il-Maqluba Legendary origin
Routes of the Bruxas in Altoaragón Spain Place where the witches of Alto Aragon meet, place where Noah's ark ran aground.
Rusin Kamak Bulgaria featuring a story about the zmey, the fascinating shape-shifting Bulgarian dragon
Dragonara Cave Malta Legendary origin
Il-?ebla tal-?eneral (The General's Rock)/Fungus Rock Malta Related to the Knight Hospitaller hystory
Cattedrale delleDomus de Janas Italy The Janas ( in sardinian Languages) is a sort of Fairy. In Sardinia there are among 2400 Domus de Janas (Fairy's houses). Janas are e benefic and supernatural Beings
Serra da Estrela Portugal Local legends about the name
Lagoa das Sete Cidades Portugal Local legends about the name
Monte de las Ánimas Spain "El Monte de las Ánimas", published in 1861, is one of the stories that form part of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer's collection called "Soria". The legend tells what happened to the young Alonso when he tried to please his cousin on
Laguna Negra de Urbión Spain According to the story-legend published by Antonio Machado in 1912, its waters were the place chosen by the sons of Alvargonzález, a rich and honourable farmer in the area, to make his corpse disappear so that they could inherit the land. Many other
Astrid Lindgren monument Sweden
Quartu S.Elena Italy In Sardinia legends have always played a fundamental role, still remaining a very important part of popular culture. Born to tell, but also to explain events surrounded by mystery or become social bogeymen, legends are always linked to historical fac
Trasmoz Spain The town has given rise to legends about witches and covens, some of which were recreated by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. It is the only Spanish village officially cursed and excommunicated by the Catholic Church, whose excommunication has not yet been re
Enclave arqueológico de la antigua ciudad musulamana de Bayra Spain Antigua ciudad musulmana, conquistada por los Reyes Católicos en 1488, destruida por un terremoto en 1518, construida de nuevo en un llano y de nuevo fue atacada en 1569 con la sublevación de Aben Humeya. Todos estos hechos históricos han generado un
La Roca Grossa Spain According to the legend, the huge rock of Vilafamés has the power to grant wishes. You have to touch the rock and ask for three of the things you most want, but the popular belief is that the wise "Roca Grossa" will only grant one of the th
Hayedo de Otzarreta Spain Legend of Basajaun, the lord of the forests. This beech forest is the home of a man of great size and terrifying appearance. His body is covered with hair from head to toe. He is a guardian of the environment, a friend of shepherds and their herds, w
Doncols Luxembourg In the past, the village of Doncols was terrorised by the legend of the Doncols wolves.
L-ghar ta' Calisso (Calypso's Cave) Malta Related to Odyssey by Homer
Cova de la Roca de l'Àguila Spain
Santuario de la Balma Spain It houses legends of witches, miracles and demoniacs. The sanctuary was made, and was oriented to the healing of diseases of possession, exorcisms and requests for miraculous cures.
Cueva de Zugarramurdi Spain Zugarramurdi has gone down in history for the events that took place in the territory of Xareta between 1609 and 1614. In its caves took place the alleged akelarres that opened a harsh process of the Inquisition: for years, women, men and children we
Aarne, Thompson y Uther
Achille Millien Beaumont-la-Ferrière
Agnes Brantign
AKBAL Rachid Algérie
Albert Meyrac Béligny
Amanda Glass
Amandine Obran Xivry Belgium
Ámi Lajos Vásárosnamény
Ana Pelegrín (Ana María Pelegrín Sandoval) San Salvador de Jujuy (Argentina)
Andrien Christine Belgium
Angel Karaliychev (????? ??????????) Strazhista
Anna Grethe Bech
Anna Nic an Luain Co. Donegal
Anna-Marie Helfer
Antoni Józef Gli?ski Szczorse
Antoni Maria Alcover Manacor (Baleares)
Antonin Perbosc Labarthe
Antonio Machado Álvarez(pseudonym of Demófilo) Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
Antonio Reigosa Mondoñedo (Lugo)
Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla)
Arjen Barel
Arnold van Gennep Ludwigsbourg
Astrid Anna Emilia Ericsson Vimmerby
Axel Olrik Frederiksberg
Beata Frankowska
Benedek Elek Kisbacon
Betsy Dentzer
Carl Wilhelm von Sydow Rissby
Cecilia Böhl de Faber( Fernán Caballero) Suiza
Charles Joisten Langres
Charles Perrault Paris
Claude Seignolle Périgueux
Cristina Strömwall
Daiva Ivanauskait? Storyteller , geographical area in which is known:Lithuania, Scotland
de Halleux Katicha Belgium
Dégh Linda Budapest
Djouomou Appolinaire Belgium
Dun Xand Cortis ?ad-Dingli
Durant Muriel Belgium
Eamon a Burc
Eamon Kelly, the famous seanchaí Sliabh Luachra
Eddie Lenihan Borsna
Edgar Valter Tallin
Eero Salmelainen (Eric Rudbeck) Lisalmi (Finland)
Elena Fortún (pseudonym of María Encarnación Aragoneses y de Urquijo) Madrid
Elias Lönnrot Sammatti, Uusimaa
Elin Pelin (???? ?????) - Dimitar Ivanov Stoyanov (??????? ?????? ???????) Bailovo
Emmanuel Cosquin Vitry-le-François
Eric Borrias
Eske Kaufmann Mathiesen
Esther Rutxou
Esther Rützou
Evald Tang Christiensen Nørre Bjert
Evald Tang Kristensen Nørre Bjert Sogn
FAULIOT Pascal France
Fedics Mihály Piricse
Fernande Aline Belgium
Folke Tegethoff Graz
François-Marie Luzel Plouaret
Frédéric Ortoli Olmiccia-di-Tallano
Gaál György Bratislava
Gabriel? Petkevi?ait?-Bit?
Geneviève Massignon Paris
Göram Hemberg
Graz Gustav Meyer Groß Strehlitz, Kingdom of Prussia 
Gunnar Olof Hyltén-Cavallius Vislandia
Hans Christian Andersen Odense
Hans Ellekilde
Harry Edmund Martinson Jämshög
Hayes Nuala
Helmut Wittmann Wels
Henri Gougaud Carcassonne
Henri Pourrat Ambert
Henrik Pontoppidan Fredericia
Horman Christine Belgium
Ida Junker
Isabel Cardigos
Ivana Brli? Mažurani? Ogulin
Ivanichka Georgieva (???????? ??????? ????????? ) Sevlievo
Jack Lynch Dublin
Jacob Grimm
Jan Werich Smíchov
JAULIN Yannick Aubigny
Javier Villafáñe Buenos Aires
Jean François Bonaventure Fleury Vasteville
Jean-François Bladé Lectoure
Jean-François Cerquand Épinal
Ji?í Polívka Enns
Joaquín Díaz González Zamora
Jonas Balys Kupiškis
Jonas Basanavi?ius Ožkabaliuose
José Manuel de Prada-Samper Salamanca
José Manuel Pedrosa Madrid
Jose Miguel Barandiaran (Ataun). Ataun
Julio Camarena Laucirica Ciudad Real
Julius Leopold Fredrik Krohn  Viipuri  (Rusia)
Jurgis Dovydaitis Višakio R?da
Jurgita Bugailiskiene
Juri Talvet Parnu
Just Mathias Thiele  Copenhague
Karel Baracs
Karel Jaromír Erben Milotín
Karina Lukin
Kasper Sørensen
Kirsti Salmi-Niklander Joensuu
Kovács Ágnes Kolozsvár
L'abbé François Cadic Noyal-Pontivy
Leonardas Sauka
Léopold Dardy Aiguillon
Lidia Dobrevska (????? ?????????) Breznik, Breznik Municipality, District Pernik
Lina B?GIEN?
Liz Weir Belfast
Lotte Tarkka Helsinki
Luisa Belivacqua
Margarita Vymeryt?
Maria Markovo Grabovo
María Serrano Spain
Marie Madeleine Elisabeth Hassenpflug
Marie-Aimée Méraville Condat
Markus Luukkonen
Martial Léon Pineau Moussac-sur-Vienne
Matas Slanciauskas North Lithuania floklore compiler
Mats Rehnman
Matthias Johann Eisen Tartú
Micha? Malinowski
Michael Jonasson Wallander (Mickel en Långhult) Värnamo
miembros de FIDA:
Mihail Arnaudov (?????? ????????) Ruse (???? )
Mikael Oberg
Milda Varnauskait? (Milda storyteller) Storyteller , geographical area in which is known:Lithuania and Netherlands
Mineur Magalie Belgium
MORONNE Frida Milan
Motte Mélancolie Belgium
nd promoter of the Guadalajara Storytelling Marathon, where he participated with interesting presentations.
Nial de burca Irlande, Galway
Norbertas Velius
Omerus Uncertain
Ortutay Gyula Szabadka
Pályuk Anna Veresmart
Paul Delarue Saint-Ddier
Paul Hagu Meremäe(County Võru)
Paul Sébillot Matignon
Paulo Correia
Pavol Dobšinský Slavošovce
Pedro Hagberg
Peig Sayers Dún Chaoin
PELLICANE Myriam Algérie
Petko Slaveykov (????? ?????????) Trnovo
PIMENTA Christèle France
Piret Päär Tartu
Ramón Menéndez Pidal A Coruña
Rasmus Nyerup Nyrup
Regina Sommer
Sakarias Topelius  Nykarleby (Finlandia)
Samuel Czambel Slovenská ?up?a
Sara Arámbula
Seán Ó hEochaidh Teelin
Selma Lagerlöf Mårbacka
Serge Camaille Lézat-sur-Lèze
Simon Arnaudin Labouheyre
Simonas Daukantas
SIRE Caroline France
Stasys Paliulis, compiler Compiler of musical folklore, Bibliography: Lithuanian folk instrumental music. Wind instruments. Vilnius, National Fiction Publishers, 1959
Staudt Julien Belgium
Stephan D. Mifsud
Sven Sederström  Asarum
Svend Grundtvig Copenhague
Theodor Vernaleken Volkmarsen
TILLET Marien France
Ulf Ärnström Norrköping
Van Innis Françoise Belgium
Veselka Toncheva
Viera Gašparíková Martin
Vihra Baeva
Viktorija Urbonait?
Vladimira Veli?ki Zagreb
Walter Anderson
Wilhelm Grimm
Xabier P. Docampo Rábade (Lugo)
Yordanka Kotseva
Zenonas Slavi?nas (es compilador de canciones del folklore)