Storytellers from Kurzeme, “K?rava”’

Name:Storytellers from Kurzeme, “K?rava”’

About:As a result of the Eurpean project named “The development of storytelling skills of adults – a European approach” (October 2006 – June 2008), a network of storytellers and organisers of storyteller events was set up in different parts of Kurzeme (western part of Latvia), creating a community with a shared identity – that of storytellers from Kurzeme. This network still continues its operation after the completion of the project work.

Entity Type:Association

Address:Bazn?cas streel 34


Region:Western Latvia

Postal Code:LV 3301


Others:The aim of KKMC “K?rava” is to draw the attention of the society to the cultural-historical heritage of Kuld?ga as an integral component of the set of values common to Latvia and the whole world, and to study this heritage in a modern way that the target audience would find attractive.