La Luna al Guinzaglio

La Luna al Guinzaglio

Name:La Luna al Guinzaglio

About:La Luna al Guinzaglio is a cultural association active since 2003 in Potenza that operates in the field of art, education and culture, creating training courses, exhibitions, installations and educational projects aimed at schools, teachers, operators, families and citizens of all ages. In 2008 the Association opened the Salone dei Rifiutati, a creative workshop that has become a social cooperative since 2016, which enhances the production waste of various affiliated companies by giving new life to discarded materials and objects. The self-managed space has been recognized by the Basilicata Region as an Environmental Education Center for Sustainability. The projects promoted and supported aim to weave a socio-cultural network for almost 14 years, increasing a network of relationships that starts from Basilicata to reach all over Italy. Our goal is to implement this network by increasing the opportunities to look at reality through another point of view, thanks to the extraordinary ability of art to make visible what is not and to make us know the world through new latitudes. In 2018, consistent with these principles of exchange and interaction, the cooperative gives life to MOON, the Museo Officina Oggetti Narranti. The moon on a leash has been a guest for more than a decade of international events with installations, interactive exhibitions and workshops, all characterized by the use of recovered materials and broken and disused objects. The creative and training paths are designed following two fundamental criteria: involving local communities in processes of realization and fruition of art and weaving relationships with the territory to promote reciprocity in the relationship between work and spectator. The path built around broken objects and their generative potential, has given life over the years to an ecological poetics that has made the hundreds of people participating in our processes ambassadors of values such as sustainability, knowledge, inclusion. A real collective ritual that has given the territories the opportunity to create virtuous, socializing paths with a significant cultural impact.

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Staff:Rossana Cafarelli 347931978; Annabella Santangelo (3203531978); Mariangela Tolve 3405073250); Gianluca Caporaso (3392820522)

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