Festival Paroles de résistance

Festival Paroles de résistance

Name:Festival Paroles de résistance



About:Paroles de résistance is based on an infinite number of questions and forms. Texts, songs, images, tastes, and also words. To address the question of territories beyond our sight. Beyond what we accept as visible. Finally, limits, edges, accidents, cracks, mounts, hollows... They will be the reliefs that will draw the map of the festival. Not the map of the heart, which is indeed infinite.

Periodicity:Every Year

Event organizer 1:Théâtre de la parole

Event organizer 2:Théâtre de la parole

Event organizer 3:Le Senghor

Place of celebration:Théâtres

Duration:5 days


Telephone:0032 2 736 69 50


Year of first edition:2017

Location:50.8132544011909, 4.444221575493812