Museu de Antoni Maria Alcover

Museu de Antoni Maria Alcover

Name:Museu de Antoni Maria Alcover

Acronym:IPAMA Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover

About:The Manacor Town Council created this museum as a centre for the study and dissemination of the figure of Antoni M. Alcover and his legacy. Alcover dedicated his whole life to learning more about and collecting words, stories, Mallorcan and Catalan legends.

Entity Type:Cultural entity linked to the Manacor Town Council. Non-profit making

Address:Pare Andreu Fernández 12



Region:Islas Baleares

Postal Code:7500


Telephone:662 32 04 44



Location:39.5686040364312, 3.20932532220605





History:The Institució was created in 1999, with the aim of disseminating the figure and legacy of Antoni M. Alcover, with two objectives: to support scientific studies of the life and work of Antoni M. Alcover and to publicise and create activities around the person and his works, for the general public.

Fixed Activities:Cycle of routes around Mallorca: Mallorca terra de llecor, visiting places related to the works of Antoni M. Alcover. Also Setmana Alcover, a week dedicated to commemorating the memory of Antoni M. Alcover, always around the 2nd of February, commemorating the centenary of his birth.

Eventual activities:Cicle de la Rondalla meravellosa: cycle of 5 storytellers, on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. of different rondalles, classified by experts as marvels or fantasy, the aim of this cycle is to return to orality in a relaxed environment.

Organization of festivals:Collaboration in the oral storytelling festival in Manacor, Emparaular in September.