Junii Brasovului Parade

Name:Junii Brasovului Parade


Region:Brasov County - Transylvania

About:Junii Brasovului Parade is held on the first Sunday after Easter and is an event marking the revival of nature and the beginning of spring, but also a celebration of the new year of the Dacians, Romania’s ancestors. Junii are young people who used to reside in the Schei neighbourhood, where the medieval Romanians lived when they were not allowed to dwell inside Brasov’s citadel. Today, the festival re-enacts the juni descending from the mountains on their horses, wearing traditional clothes and carrying batons, sceptres and flags. They are spread in seven groups, each having its own costumes and approaching from a different quarter of the Schei district.


Event organizer 1:Uniunii Junilor din Scheii Brasovului si Brasovul Vechi

Place of celebration:Brasov

Celebration date:the first Sunday after Easter

Duration:1 Day


Telephone:40 743 979 999