Asociación Cultural de la oralidad en Álava

Name:Asociación Cultural de la oralidad en Álava


About:This association was created four years ago but it has been developing over time around reflections on the trade of oral storytelling, storytelling and staging, among professionals and apprentices interested in training in this discipline.

Entity Type:Non-profit (does not generate economic benefits for members)

Town/City:Valle de Barrundia


Region:País Vasco

Postal Code:1206


Telephone:656 25 15 99

Location:42°55?00?N 2°30?00?O


History:Our association was created within the GARAION SORGINGUNEA Creation and Experimentation Centre which, among other activities, has been programming the "Ipuin Eguna" activity for the last eight years, consisting of a full day dedicated to storytelling and oral performances and parallel activities.

Fixed activities:Together with GARAION SORGINGUNEA, this associaction hold the annual "Ipuin Eguna" conference in September. Meeting days: an activity in which long-standing professionals are invited to present their own show, open to the public, and sessions in the form of conversations, talks and workshops on their work. Oral storytelling shows of their own creation.